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Aulacoseira humilis (Cleve-Euler) Genkal & Trifonova in Trifonova & Genkal 2001, p. 319
BasionymMelosira distans var. humilis Cleve-Euler 1939
CommentsPace of original publication of basionym (Cleve-Euler 1939, ref. 000250) is not cited; Cleve-Euler 1951, p. 21, fig. 11e-g (ref. 000255) is cited instead; under ICBN 2006-Art. 33.7(a) this error does not render the combination invalid.
Published inTrifonova, I. and Genkal, S. 2001 [ref. 010097]. Species of the genus Aulacoseira Thwaites in lakes and rivers of north-western Russia - distribution and ecology. In: A. Economou-Amilli (ed.), Proceedings of the 16th International Diatom Symposium, Athens & Aegean Islands, 25 August - 1 September, 2000, Amvrosiou Press. 315-324.
Type     INA card not found. Click here to check this name in the INA website.
CollectorAssessment of record accuracylikely accurate
List of nomenclatural synonymsMelosira distans var. humilis Cleve-Euler 1939
Aulacoseira distans var. humilis (A. Cleve-Euler) R. Ross in Hartley 1986
Aulacoseira distans var. humilis (A. Cleve) Gasse 1986