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Revision of Spathacanthus

Thomas F. Daniel
Department of Botany
California Academy of Sciences
Golden Gate Park
San Francisco, CA 94118



Phylogenetic Analysis

Generic Description & Key to Species

S. hahnianus

Additional Specimens Examined

S. hoffmannii

Additional Specimens Examined

S. parviflorus

Additional Specimens Examined

Acknowledgments & Literature Cited

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El Triunfo Cloud Forest (Chiapas, Mexico); Habitat of Spathacanthus parviflorus

Spathacanthus Baill. is treated as comprising three species occurring in moist to wet forests of Mexico and Central America. This genus of large shrubs and small trees is distinctive among neotropical Acanthaceae by its very large capsules and seeds, both of which are among the largest known in the family. Few collections of the genus had been made until relatively recently. There is no previous comprehensive treatment of the genus; however, Daniel (1995a) treated two of the species in Mexico.