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Lindavia (F. Schutt) G.B. De Toni & A. Forti 14 Apr 1900, p. 553
Generitype T: Cyclotella socialis F. Schutt 1899
Designated by De Toni & Forti (006656)
Year Designated 1900
Nomenclatural status valid
Recent revisions
Comments Typified with the type of the section. Comments: The name was first published as a section of Cyclotella (see Schütt, 1899, p. 220, ref. 001861), with a single species included, Cyclotella socialis Schütt 1899. Treated as a genus by De Toni & Forti (1900), who included Lindavia radiosa (Grunow) Schütt (= Cyclotella comta var. radiosa Grun. in Van Heurck). Cyclotella socialis is implicitly included by De Toni & Forti by citation of Schütt's section; being the type of the section, it is also the type of the genus.
Published in

De Toni, G.B. and Forti, A. 1900  (ref. 6656)

Contributo alla conoscenza del plancton del Lago Vetter

Atti del Reale Istituto Veneto di Scienze Lettero ed Arti, Vol:59[2], 537-568

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