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Staurosigma A. Grunow ex Rabenhorst pg. 253
Generitype LT: S. ehrenbergii Grunow ex Rabenhorst. Nom. illeg. (= Stauroneis sigma C.G. Ehrenberg)
Designated by Ross in Farr et al. (1979), p. 1665 (ref. 006663).
Year Designated 1979
Nomenclatural status valid
Recent revisions
Comments The name was first introduced in Grunow 1860 (ref. 000427) p. 567, in the section about Stauroneis, as: "Stauroneis sigma Ehrenberg muss nach Analogie von Pleurosigma von Stauroneis getrennt werden und schlage ich hiefur den Namen Staurosigma ehrenbergii vor." (Stauroneis sigma must be separated from Stauroneis after comparison with Pleurosigma, and I propose therefore the name Staurosigma ehrenbergii). The genus name was not validly published in Grunow 1860 because no generic description was provided. Name validated by Rabenhorst (1864) who published a description, and included three species, St. obliquum (Greg.) Rab., St. ovulum Rab. and St. ehrenbergii Gr., no type is designated by Rabenhorst. Although Staurosigma ehrenbergii is the only species that was included in Grunow 1860, it does not automatically become the holotype, it is rather a logical lectotype. A lectotype can be chosen among any of the three species included by Rabenhorst 1864. The lectotypification is effected by Ross in Farr et al. 1979.
Published in

Rabenhorst, L. 1864  (ref. 775)

Flora Europaea Algarum aquae dulcis et submarinae. Sectio I. Algas diatomaceas complectens, cum figuris generum omnium xylographice impressis.

Apud Eduardum Kummerum, Lipsiae. 359 pp.