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Salacia J. Pantocsek 1889, pg. 68
Generitype T: Salacia boryana Pantocsek 1889
Designated by Pantocsek, J.(001033)
Year Designated 1889
Nomenclatural status valid/illegitimate
Recent revisions
Comments Type by monotypy. ater homonym of Salacia Linnaeus 1771; Synonym (substitute name): Castracania G.B. De Toni 1892.
Published in

Pantocsek, J. 1889  (ref. 1033)

Beiträge zur Kenntnis der Fossilen Bacillarien Ungarns. Teil II. Brackwasser Bacillarien. Anhang: Analyse de marine Depots von Bory, Bremia, Nagy-Kurtos in Ungarn; Ananio und Kusnetzk in Russland.

Nagy-Tapolcsány, Buchdrucherei von Julius Platzko 123 pp., 30 pls.