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Peroniopsis F. Hustedt 1952, pg. 275
Generitype LT: Peroniopsis heribaudi (J. Brun et M. Peragallo in J. Heribaud) F. Hustedt 1952 (= Peronia heribaudii Brun & Peragallo in Heribaud 1893)
Designated by Round, Crawford & Mann, p. 697 (ref. 003245)
Year Designated 1990
Nomenclatural status valid
Recent revisions
Comments Peroniopsis was introduced by Hustedt as a new name for Peronia sensu Hustedt (not Peronia Bréb. & Arnott whose generitype is P. erinacea, an Asterionella according to Hustedt). Hustedt included two species, P. Heribaudi (Brun & Héribaud) Hust. and P. brasiliensis (Hust.) Hust., in his consideration of this genus, but did not designate a type.
Published in

Hustedt, F. 1952  (ref. 525)

Neue und wenig bekannte Diatomeen. V. Asterionella fibula (Bréb.) nov. comb., eine Plankton-Diatomee mooriger Gewässer

Bericht der Deutschen Botanischen Gessellschaft, Vol:65[8], 272-276