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Aulacoseira G.H.K. Thwaites Mar 1848, p. 167
Generitype T: Aulacoseira crenulata (C.G. Ehrenberg) G.H.K. Thwaites 1848 (= Gallionella crenulata C.G. Ehrenberg 1843)
Designated by Thwaites, G.H.K.(000886)
Year Designated 1848
Nomenclatural status valid
Recent revisions Simonsen (1979, ref. 003160), Krammer 1991 (ref. 006893 & 006894)
Comments Type by original designation (also monotypic). Often misspelled Aulacosira. Kützing 1844 (ref. 000595), p. 55, noted the synonymy between G. crenulata Ehrenberg and Meloseira orichalcea Ralfs in Ann. Mag. Nat. Hist., 12, pl. IX, fig. 6 (1843), non Melosira orichaldea (Mertens) Kütz. 1834, but considered separately M. orichalsea (Mert.) Kütz. (p. 54).
Published in

Thwaites, G.H.K. 1848  (ref. 886)

Further observations on the Diatomaceae with descriptions of new genera and species.

Annals and Magazine of Natural History, 2nd series,, Vol:1, 161-172, pl. 11, 12.