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Ceratoneis C.G. Ehrenberg 1839, pg. 157
Generitype LT: Ceratoneis closterium C.G. Ehrenberg 1839
Designated by Ross in Farr et al. (1979), p. 319 (ref. 006663)
Year Designated 1979
Nomenclatural status valid
Recent revisions
Comments Two species are described in the original publication, C. fasciolata and C. closterium, and no type is designated. See Ehrenberg 1840 (ref. 000290) where Ceratoneis was also introduced as a new genus, p. 43. See also Ehrenberg 1841 (ref. 000953) p. 123 (ref. 000290 and ref. 000953 are identical except for pagination). Boyer's (1927, p. 227, ref. 000155) selection of C. arcus for the type is untenable because C. arcus is not one of the original species. Grunow in Rabenhorst 1865 p. 7 (ref. 000430), gives a description (in German) of "Ceratoneis Kg. (nec. Erhbg.)", a discussion with the genus separated into 2 subgroups (Euceratoneis and Pseudoeunotia), Ceratoneis arcus being part of the group Euceratoneis. Kützing 1844, p. 104 (ref. 000595) gives a description of Ceratoneis, and includes 5 species, C. laminaris, C. fasciola, C. closterium, C. spiralis, and C. arcus. Kützing's concept of Ceratoneis does not seem to differ from Ehrenberg's because he includes in his treatment of the genus the original species of Ehrenberg. Farr et al. 1979 indicate that W. Smith 1852 (ref. 000862), p. 8, designated C. closterium as the lectotype. Smith 1852 transferred C. fasciolata into genus Pleurosigma, leaving only C. closterium in genus Ceratoneis; his action by itself does not constitute lectotypification which is effected by Ross in Farr et al. (1979), p. 319.
Published in

Ehrenberg, C.G. 1839  (ref. 291)

Über jetzt wirklich noch zahlreich lebende Thier-Arten der Kreideformation der Erde

Bericht über die zur Bekanntmachung geeigneten Verhandlungen der Königlich-Preussischen Akademie der Wissenschaften zu Berlin, Vol:1839, 152-159