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Heteroneis P.T. Cleve pg. 182
Generitype T: not designated
Designated by Cleve (000949)
Year Designated 1895
Nomenclatural status subgenus
Recent revisions
Comments This name was first introduced p. 57 in Cleve 1893 (ref. 000230) with the description of a single species Achnanthes (Heteroneis Cl.) vaszaryi Pant., var. oregonica Cl. (= Navicula vaszaryi Pant. 1889), illustrated pl. III, fig. 15-16, and accompanied with this infrapaginal note: "I propose to unite Cocconeis and Achnanthes and to form new genera linked by essential characters, under the names Actinoneis, Heteroneis, Achnanthes, Achnanthidium, etc." It is invalidly published as the name of a subgenus of Achnanthes in Cleve 1893 for lacking a description. Heteroneis is described in Cleve 1895 p. 182 (ref. 000949), however even though it is introduced as Heteroneis Cl. n.g. (p. 182), it is clearly presented as a subgenus of Achnanthes (p. 164, and 183). Furthermore, no combinations are made by Cleve 1895 under this name, which clearly shows that he considered it a subgenus. Several species are included by Cleve 1895 and no type is designated.
Published in

Cleve, P.T. 1895  (ref. 949)

Synopsis of the Naviculoid Diatoms, Part II

Kongliga Svenska-Vetenskaps Akademiens Handlingar, Vol:27[3], 1-219, 4 pls