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Azpeitia M. Peragallo in J. Tempère & H. Peragallo 1912, p. 326
Generitype LT: Azpeitia temperei M. Peragallo in J. Tempère & H. Peragallo 1912
Designated by Ross in Farr et al. (1979) (ref. 006663)
Year Designated 1979
Nomenclatural status valid
Recent revisions Fryxell et al (1986) (#004179)
Comments Two species are included, Azpeitia temperei which carries the formula "n. gen. n. sp." and which is fully described, and Triceratium antiquum Pantocsek which is introduced in the sentence "Le Triceratium antiquum Pant. rentre dans ce genre" (Triceratium antiquum Pantocsek belongs to this genus). Ross in Farr et al. (1979) had considered A. temperei to be the holotype. We believe that it is possible that the reason for the larger treatment given to A. temperei is due to the requirements of valid publication of a new species, and may not consitute an implicit indication of type by Peragallo.
Published in

Tempère, J. and Peragallo, H. 1912  (ref. 1068)

Diatomées du Monde Entier, Edition 2, 30 fascicules. Fascicule 20-23.

Chez J. Tempère, Arcachon, Gironde pp. 305-352.