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Hystrix J.B.M. Bory de Saint-Vincent 1822,
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Comments Not verified by us. Entry in Mills (ref. 006290) reads: "Hystrix, Bory - sp. Bory, Encycl. 1822. Bacillaria hystrix, Bory, Encycl. 1824. SYNEDRA GALLIONI, (Bory) Ehr." In De Toni, 1892 (ref. 000950), p. 658, Bacillaria Hystryx Bory Encycl. 1824 (ex insula Franciae) was given as a synonym of Synedra gallionii. The only entry for this name in Farr et al. (1979) is: "Hystrix Moench, Meth. 294, 1794. T: H. patula Moench (Elymus hystrix Linnaeus). Synonym of: Asperella Humbodt 1790. Phan.".
Published in

Bory de Saint Vincent, J.B.M. 1824  (ref. 147)

Encyclopédie Méthodique, Histoire Naturelle Des Zoophytes ou Animaux Rayonnés.

Agasse, Paris. 819 pp.