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Suriraya E. Pfitzer 1871, pg. 107
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Year Designated 0
Nomenclatural status valid/superfluous
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Comments Synonym of Surirella Turpin 1828. Superfluous substitute name. Name introduced as "Suriraya Turp." with a long description (and/or comments) in German, and an infrapaginal note: "Mit Unrecht schreibt man den Namen dieser Gattung überall Surirella". New name for Surirella Turpin and proposed because the original genus was named for Dr. Suriray. Nevertheless, the original spelling should not be altered (see ICBN, Art. 60, ex. 6).
Published in

Pfitzer, E. 1871  (ref. 754)

Untersuchungen uber Bau und Entwickelung der Bacillariaceen (Diatomaceen).

Botanische Abhandlungen aus dem Gebiet der Morphologie und Physiologie. Herausg. von J. Hanstein, Bonn.[Heft 2], 189 pp., 6 pls.