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Sturtgrovea O. Kuntze Sept. 1898, pg. 74
Generitype not given
Designated by
Year Designated 0
Nomenclatural status valid/superfluous
Recent revisions
Comments Superfluous substitute name, Synonym of Monopsia Grove & Sturt 1887. Created by O. Kuntze as a substitute name for Monopsia 'Monopsis' Grove & Sturt 1887 (non Monopsis Salysb. 1817). The genus named by Grove & Sturt, however, was Monopsia (not Monopsis), therefore there was no need to create a substitute name. The confusion may have been introduced by De Toni & Levi-Morenos 1888 (Notarisia, 3:469) (ref. 001994) who introduced the orthographic variant Monopsis Grove & Sturt.
Published in

Kuntze, O. 1898  (ref. 1332)

Revisio Generum Plantarum. Part III

Leipzig. pp. [1]-576