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Pseudorutilaria (Grove & Sturt ex De Toni & Levi) Grove & Sturt ex De Toni pg. 854
Generitype T: Pseudorutilaria monile (Grove & Sturt ex De Toni & Levi) Grove & Sturt ex De Toni 1894 (= Rutilaria monile Grove & Sturt ex De Toni & Levi 1887)
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Nomenclatural status valid
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Comments Type by monotypy. First account of this name in Grove & Sturt 1886 (ref. 000426) as "Pseudo-rutilaria. Nov. subgenus", however the name was invalid because "there was no positive indication of the genus to which it was to be attributed" (see Ross & Sims 1987, p. 276, ref. 003151). According to Ross & Sims 1987 (ref. 003151), the subgeneric name Rutilaria subgenus Pseudorutilaria was validly published by De Toni & Levi 1887 (ref. 006842), as also was the specific name Rutilaria monile. Later, De Toni 1894 (ref. 000951) (p. 854) treated Pseudorutilaria as a genus, ascribing the name to Grove & Sturt, and validly published the combination Pseudorutilaria monile.
Published in

De Toni, G.B. 1894  (ref. 951)

Sylloge algarum omnium hucusque cognitarum. Vol. II. Bacillarieae; sectio III. Cryptoraphideae

Typis Seminarrii, Patavii. pp. 819-1556, I - CCXIV