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Schuettia G.B. De Toni 1894, pg. 1395
Generitype LT: Schuettia annulata (Wallich) De Toni 1894 (= Triceratium annulatum Wallich 1856)
Designated by Van Heurck (000897), p. 496
Year Designated 1896
Nomenclatural status valid
Recent revisions
Comments Five species are listed in De Toni and no type is unequivocally designated; however, for Schuettia annulata, the first species listed, instead of giving a description, De Toni writes "characteres generis", referring to the genus description p. 1395-1396. Van Heurck 1896 (ref. 000897), p. 496 writes that Actinoptychus annulatus (Wall.) Grun. is the "type-form of this new genus". Van Heurck also states: "If a new genus is to be constitued for triangular forms, the name given by Dr. De Toni is untenable, but it should be called Cymatogonia, which was proposed by Mr. Grunow in 1883".
Published in

De Toni, G.B. 1894  (ref. 951)

Sylloge algarum omnium hucusque cognitarum. Vol. II. Bacillarieae; sectio III. Cryptoraphideae

Typis Seminarrii, Patavii. pp. 819-1556, I - CCXIV