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Amphicampa  L. Rabenhorst 1864, p. 257
Generitype T: Amphicampa alata (C.G. Ehrenberg) Rabenhorst 1864 (= Navicula alata Ehrenberg 1840)
Designated by automatic designation under Art. 7.5
Year Designated 0
Nomenclatural status valid/superfluous
Recent revisions
Comments Later homonym of Amphicampa (Ehrenberg) Ralfs in Pritchard 1861. At least 4 species (validly published) are included (A. paludosa, A. alata, A. duplex and A. gigantea), no type originally designated. Amphicampa Rabenhorst 1864 was initially superfluous since the genus to which it was applied included Navicula alata Ehrenberg 1840, the type of Entomoneis Ehrenberg 1845. In accordance with Art. 7.5, it is automatically typified with the Ehrenberg species (P. Silva, pers. com.). Amphitropis Rabenhorst 1868 is a superfluous substitute name for Amphicampa Rabenhorst 1864. Synonym: Entomoneis Ehrenberg 1845.
Published in

Rabenhorst, L. 1864  (ref. 775)

Flora Europaea Algarum aquae dulcis et submarinae. Sectio I. Algas diatomaceas complectens, cum figuris generum omnium xylographice impressis.

Apud Eduardum Kummerum, Lipsiae. 359 pp.