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Neidiopsis vekhovii H. Lange-Bertalot & S.I. Genkal in H. Lange-Bertalot 2001, p. 132, 230; pl. 101, fig. 22, pl. 102, fig. 2-8
CommentsValidation of Neidiopsis vekhovii Lange-Bertalot & Genkal 1999 (ref. 009014). Also cite illustration in Lange-Bertalot & Genkal 1999: fig 40: 10; 41: 1-8; 42: 1-4
Published inLange-Bertalot, H. 2001 [ref. 009456]. Navicula sensu stricto, 10 genera seperated from Navicula sensu lato, Frustulia. In: H. Lange-Bertalot (ed.), Diatoms of Europe, Diatoms of the European Inland waters and comparable habitats. A.R.G. Gantner Verlag K.G., 2:pp. 1-526.
Type     INA card not found. Click here to check this name in the INA website.
Type LocalityLanguage of descriptionL, E
CollectorAssessment of record accuracylikely accurate
List of nomenclatural synonymsNeidium vekhovii H. Lange-Bertalot & S.I. Genkal 1999
Neidiopsis vekhovii (H. Lange-Bertalot & S.I. Genkal) H. Lange-Bertalot & S.I. Genkal 1999