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Aneumastus minor H. Lange-Bertalot 1993, p. 9; pl. 39, fig. 8, pl. 40, fig. 1-4
as Aneumastus minor (Hustedt) Lange-Bertalot nov. comb. nov. stat.
CommentsIntended new combination of Navicula tuscula f. minor Hustedt 1930 (invalid). Validly published by Lange-Bertalot 1993, however, as the name of a new taxon.
Published inLange-Bertalot, H. 1993 [ref. 008467]. 85 neue taxa und über 100 weitere neu definierte Taxa ergänzend zur Süsswasserflora von Mitteleuropa, Vol. 2/1-4. Bibliotheca Diatomologica 27:164 pp., 134 pls. [Plates from this publication were reduced by error to 90%, plates were reprinted at the correct size in ref. 009003]
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Type LocalityLanguage of descriptionL
CollectorAssessment of record accuracylikely accurate
List of nomenclatural synonymsNavicula tuscula f. minor Hustedt 1930
Aneumastus tusculus f. minor (Hustedt) Bukhtiyarova 1995
Aneumastus tuscula f. minor N.A. Andresen, E.F. Stoermer & R.G. Kreis, Jr. 2000