This Catalogue represents our understanding of the status of types in the CAS Diatom Collection up to August, 1997. For types deposited at CAS after August 1997, search the Specimen table of the Hanna database.

A total of 472 species, varieties and forms, comprising 130 genera, are represented in the type holdings of the California Academy of Sciences Diatom Collection. Holotypes of 319 taxa and isotypes of 146 taxa are present. Publications, in which species have been described and types housed at CAS, currently number 79. The collection contains 15 generitypes, including those for Benetorus, Chasea, Glorioptychus, Hendeya, Horodiscus, Mammidion, Meretrosulus, Micrampulla, Pyrgupyxis, Robinsonetta, Rocella, Sphynctolethus, Stoermeria, Upothema and Xystotheca.

This catalogue is composed of two sections. The first section lists publication by author, in which new taxa are described and for which types are present at CAS. At the end of each citation, the CAS Diatom Collection publication number appears within brackets. Under each publication are the taxon names, authority, page number, plate and figures. To the right a CAS accession number (A:) is followed by a type indicator, either an H, I, S or P and one to several six-digit CAS slide numbers. An asterisk precedes the accession number where material exists in the collection. The letters stands for holotype, isotype, syntype or paratype, respectively. For example, H: 202056 indicates slide number 202056 is a holotype; I: 200012-200013 indicates slides 200012 and 200013 are isotypes. An accession number with no slide information indicates that CAS has type material but no slides.

The second section is a complete listing of the taxa considered in this catalogue, presented alphabetically by genus and species, and includes the authority.

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