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No. 6

April 1995



Newsletter Editor: Norman Penny


Australia: Tim New North America: David Bowles
Bulgaria, Romania, Slovenia Alexi Popov Portuguese-speaking World: C. Carvalho
Egypt: S.A. El Arnaouty Russia: V. Krivokhatsky
French-speaking world: Michel Canard Scandinavia: Martin Meinander
German-speaking world: Horst Aspöck Southern Africa: Mervyn Mansell
Hungary: G. Sziraki Spanish-speaking world: Victor Monserrat
Middle East: A. Babi United Kingdom: Colin Plant




Dr. Ulrike Aspöck has informed me that she has been asked to organize a conference on Neuroptera Systematics and Phylogeny at the XX International Congress of Entomology in Firenze, Italy. The congress will be held from 25-31 August, 1996. If interested in giving a presentation (a good way to get institutional funding for the trip) please contact Dr. Aspöck at: Postfach 417, Burgring 7, A-1014 Wien, Österreich.


There is a new, privately published, book available on the Chrysopidae of Japan. It is 223 pages and has 106 illustrations and photos. It appears to be very well done and well worth the cost of purchase. It costs 3000 yen, or $35 (US). It can be obtained by writing to the author, Shigehiko Tsukaguchi, Aioi-cho 6-14-102, Nishinomiya-shi, Hyogo, 662 Japan.


Dr. George Byers has sent a list of the species maintained in the Snow Entomological Museum, University of Kansas, Lawrence, Kansas, USA. This is one of the major entomological collections in North America, and this is reflected in the rather sizable holdings of the museum. This list indicates to some degree the influence that Nathan Banks has had on North American Neuropterida taxonomy. The included species are:



Chauliodes pectinicornis (Linnaeus) (4)

Chauliodes rastricornis Rambur (18)

Chauliodes spp. (21)

Chloronia mexicana Stitz (10)

Corydalus armatus Hagen (on loan)

Corydalus cornutus Linnaeus (58)

Corydalus spp. (on loan)

Neohermes angusticollis (Hagen) (1)

Neohermes californicus (Walker) (1)

Neohermes concolor (Davis) (5)

Neohermes filicornis (Banks) (12)

Nigronia serricornis (Say) (16)

Nigronia spp. (7)

Platyneuromus soror (Hagen) (12)

Protochauliodes minimus (Davis) (1)


Sialis califfornica Banks (6)

Sialis infumata Newman (2)

Sialis itasca Ross (16)

Sialis mohri Ross (25, incl. 8 paratypes)

Sialis nevadensis Davis (2)

Sialis vagans Ross (6)

Sialis velata Ross (53, incl. 39 paratypes)


Negha inflata (Hagen) (7)


Agulla adnixa (Hagen) (37)

Agulla assimilis (Albarda) (14)

Agulla astuta (Banks) (3)

Agulla bicolor (Albarda) (36)

Agulla bractea Carpenter (1)

Agulla crotchi (Banks) (1)

Agulla flexa Carpenter (2)

Agulla herbsti (Esben-Petersen) (9)

Agulla modesta Carpenter (9)

Agulla oblita (Hagen) (3)

Agulla unicolor Carpenter (48)

Alena distincta (Banks) (1)

Alena minuta (Banks) (4)

Raphidia xanthostigma Schummel (1)

undetermined Raphidiidae (118)


Ameropterus versicolor (Burmeister) (1)

Ameropterus sp. (1)

Amoea immaculata (Olivier) (2)

Ascalobyas microcerus (Rambur) (3)

Ascaloptynx appendiculatus (Fabricius) (11)

Ascaloptynx furciger (MacLachlan) (4)

Haploglenius luteus (Walker) (2)

Libelloides italicus (Fabricius) (1)

Neohaploglenius flavicornis (MacLachlan) (6)

Ululodes arizonensis Banks (11)

Ululodes bicolor (Banks) (9)

Ululodes cajennensis (Fabricius) (1)

Ululodes macleayana (Guilding) (40)

Ululodes quadrimaculata (Say) (18)

Ululodes subvertens (Walker) (2)

Ululodes tuberculatus (Banks) (1)

Ululodes spp. (3 adults, 1 larva)

undetermined Ascalaphidae (62 pinned, 30 papered)


Lomamyia banksi Carpenter (7)

Lomamyia flavicornis (Walker) (4)

Lomamyia fulva Carpenter (1)

Lomamyia hamata (Walker) (1)

Lomamyia latipennis Carpenter (5)

Lomamyia occidentalis Banks (1 allotype)

Lomamyia squamosa Carpenter (5)

Lomamyia tenuis Carpenter (1)

Lomamyia texana Banks (1)


Abachrysa spp. (1)

Anomalochrysa maclachlani Blackburn (1)

Ceraeochrysa lineaticornis (Fitch) (6)

Ceraeochrysa valida (Banks) (5)

Chrysopa chi Fitch (7)

Chrysopa coloradensis Banks (15)

Chrysopa excepta Banks (3)

Chrysopa nigricornis Burmeister (32)

Chrysopa oculata Say (139)

Chrysopa perla (Linnaeus) (1)

Chrysopa quadripunctata Burmeister (8)

Chrysoperla carnea (Stephens) (65)

Chrysoperla exotera (Navás) (1)

Chrysoperla exterior (Navás) (4)

Chrysoperla externa (Hagen) (11)

Chrysoperla harrisii (Fitch) (87)

Chrysoperla plorabunda (Fitch) (133)

Chrysoperla rufilabris (Burmeister) (98)

Chrysopodes collaris (Schneider) (9)

Eremochrysa (Chrysopiella) minora (Banks) (6)

Eremochrysa (Chrysopiella) pallida (Banks) (23)

Eremochrysa (Chrysopiella) sabulosa (Banks) (9)

Eremochrysa (Eremochrysa) californica Banks (7)

Eremochrysa (Eremochrysa) fraterna Banks (6)

Eremochrysa (Eremochrysa) hageni Banks (3)

Eremochrysa (Eremochrysa) punctinervis (MacLachlan) (216)

Eremochrysa (Eremochrysa) tibialis Banks (17)

Eremochrysa (Eremochrysa) spp. (3)

Gonzaga torquatus Navás (1)

Leucochrysa (Leucochrysa) insularis Fitch (4)

Leucochrysa (Nodita) antennata Banks (2)

Leucochrysa (Nodita) nigrinervis (Banks) (4)

Leucochrysa (Nodita) pavida (Hagen) (2)

Leucochrysa (Nodita) spp. (2)

Mallada perfectus (Banks) (3)

Meleoma arizonensis (Banks) (1)

Meleoma colhuaca Banks (4)

Meleoma emuncta (Fitch) (5)

Meleoma nahoa (Banks) (1)

Meleoma schwarzi (Banks) (2)

Meleoma signoretti Fitch (3)

Meleoma spp. (2)

Nacarina robusta (Banks) (1)

Nothochrysa californica Banks (2)

undetermined Chrysopidae (412)


Conwentzia barretti (Banks) (5)

Conwentzia hageni Banks (10)

Conwentzia pineticola Enderlein (1)

Coniopteryx atlasensis Meinander (1)

Coniopteryx spp. (17)

Helioconis sp. (1)

Semidalis sp. (1)

undetermined Coniopterygidae (13)


Nallachius pulchellus Banks (1)


Hemerobius alpestris Banks (3)

Hemerobius conjunctus Fitch (2)

Hemerobius costalis Carpenter (1)

Hemerobius humulinus Linnaeus (92)

Hemerobius neadelphus Gurney (6 - 2 are paratypes of H. ovalis)

Hemerobius ovalis Carpenter (8 - 7 paratypes)

Hemerobius pacificus Banks (15)

Hemerobius pinidumus Fitch (2)

Hemerobius stigma Stephens (76)

Hemerobius spp. (40)

Megalomus angulatus Carpenter (4)

Megalomus moestus Banks (1)

Micromus (Micromus) angulatus (Stephens) (9)

Micromus (M.) borealis Klimazewski & Kevan (2 paratypes)

Micromus (M.) montanus Hagen (out on loan)

Micromus (M.) subanticus (Walker) (10)

Micromus (M.) variolosus Hagen (5)

Micromus (Nesomicromus) brunnescens (Perkins) (3)

Micromus (N.) paradoxus (Perkins) (1)

Micromus (N.) vagus (Perkins) (2)

Micromus sp. (1)

Notiobiella sp. (1)

Psectra diptera (Burmeister) (2)

Sympherobius amiculus (Fitch) (13)

Sympherobius angustus (Banks) (4)

Sympherobius arizonicus Banks (1)

Sympherobius barberi (Banks) (38)

Sympherobius beameri (Gurney) (3 - including holotype)

Sympherobius bifasciatus Banks (out on loan)

Sympherobius californicus Banks (5)

Sympherobius killingtoni Carpenter (6 - including 1 paratype)

Sympherobius limbus Carpenter (1 - holotype)

Sympherobius occidentalis (Fitch) (1)

Sympherobius perparvus (MacLachlan) (18)

Sympherobius similis Carpenter (1 - holotype)

Wesmaelius (Kimminsia) coloradensis (Banks) (1)

Wesmaelius (K.) disjunctus Banks (1)

Wesmaelius (K.) furcatus (Banks) (2)

Wesmaelius (K.) involutus (Carpenter) (out on loan)

Wesmaelius (K.) longipennis (Banks) (9)

Wesmaelius (K.) posticatus (Banks) (1)

Wesmaelius (K.) spp. (1)

Wesmaelius (W.) fidelis (Banks) (4)

Wesmaelius (W.) longifrons (Walker) (5)

Wesmaelius spp. (2)

undetermined Hemerobiidae (194)


undetermined Ithonidae (43)


Austromantispa imbecilla (Gerstaecker) (4)

Buyda phthisica (Gerstaecker) (14)

Climaciella brunnea (Say) (30)

Climaciella habutsuella Okamoto (15)

Climaciella spp. (1)

Entanoneura limbata (Gerstaecker) (5)

Mantispa gracilis Erichson (1)

Mantispa interrupta Say (45)

Mantispa pulchella (Banks) (6)

Mantispa sayi Banks (13)

Mantispa styriaca (Poda) (1)

Mantispa uhleri Banks (1)

Mantispa viridis Walker (5)

Mantispa vittata Guérin-Ménéville (4)

Mantispa spp. (1)

Paramantispa decorata (Erichson) (3)

Plega banksi Rehn (11)

Plega dactylota Rehn (19)

Plega fratercula Rehn (1)

Plega melitomae Linsley & MacSwain (3)

Plega signata (Hagen) (6)

Trichoscelia varia (Walker) (1)

undetermined Mantispidae (73)


Abatoleon dorsalis (Banks) (2)

Atricholeon tuberculatus (Banks) (4)

Austroleon dispar (Banks) (6)

Brachynemurus abdominalis (Say) (135)

Brachynemurus blandus (Hagen) (2)

Brachynemurus californicus Banks (1)

Brachynemurus ferox (Walker) (41)

Brachynemurus fuscus (Banks) (1)

Brachynemurus hubbardi Currie (38)

Brachynemurus irregularis Currie (1)

Brachynemurus longicaudus (Burmeister) (12)

Brachynemurus nebulosus (Olivier) (11)

Brachynemurus pulchellus Banks (1)

Brachynemurus sackeni Hagen (37)

Brachynemurus signatus (Hagen) (4)

Chaetoleon pusillus (Currie) (6)

Chaetoleon tripunctatus (Banks) (2)

Clathroneuria coquilletti (Currie) (11)

Clathroneuria schwarzi (Currie) (6)

Dendroleon obsoletum (Say) (10)

Dendroleon speciosum Banks (2)

Eremoleon nigribasis Banks (2)

Glenurus gratus (Say) (3)

Glenurus snowii Banks (1)

Gnopholeon delicatulus (Currie) (1)

Menkeleon bellula (Banks) (8)

Mexoleon papago (Currie) (3)

Myrmeleon immaculatus DeGeer (24)

Myrmeleon mexicanum Banks (1)

Myrmeleon rusticus Hagen (4)

Paranthaclisis congener (Hagen) (4)

Paranthaclisis hageni (Banks) (17)

Paranthaclisis nevadensis Banks (1)

Psammoleon arizonensis Banks (5)

Psammoleon connexus (Banks) (1)

Psammoleon guttipes Banks (3)

Psammoleon inscriptus (Hagen) (2)

Psammoleon sinuatus Currie (2)

Scotoleon carrizonus (Hagen) (42)

Scotoleon dissimilis (Banks) (12)

Scotoleon expansus (Navás) (8)

Scotoleon longipalpis (Hagen) (73)

Scotoleon niger (Currie) (1)

Scotoleon nigrilabris (Hagen) (47)

Scotoleon pallidus (Banks) (2)

Scotoleon singularis (Currie) (3)

Vella fallax texana (Hagen) (13)

undetermined Myrmeleontidae (980)


undetermined Nemopteridae (15)


Lysmus harmandinus (Navás) (1)

Plethosmylus hyalinatus (MacLachlan) (1)

undetermined Osmylidae (1)


Platystoechotes lineatus Carpenter (1 paratype)

Polystoechotes punctatus (Fabricius) (51)


Climacia areolaris (Hagen) (34)

Climacia chapini Parfin & Gurney (2 paratypes)

Sisyra apicalis Banks (2)

Sisyra fuscata (Fabricius) (8)

Sisyra vicaria (Walker) (47)

undetermined Sisyridae (20)


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