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No. 8

September 1998



Newsletter Editor: Norman Penny


Australia: Tim New North America: David Bowles
Bulgaria, Romania, Slovenia Alexi Popov Portuguese-speaking World: C. Carvalho
Egypt: S.A. El Arnaouty Russia: V. Krivokhatsky
French-speaking world: Michel Canard Scandinavia: Martin Meinander
German-speaking world: Horst Aspöck Southern Africa: Mervyn Mansell
Hungary: G. Sziraki Spanish-speaking world: Victor Monserrat  
Middle East: A. Babi United Kingdom: Colin Plant



The Sixth International Symposium of Neuropterology was held in Helsinki, Finland from 13 to 16 July, 1997. There were 42 participants from 22 different countries. No more than five participants were from any one country, giving a striking breadth and diversity to the meetings. Talks were held in the Zoological Museum of the University.

Because of the large number of talks, there were two concurrent sessions, one dealing primarily with biology and life histories and the other comprised mostly of talks on systematics and biogeography. It was a delightful chance for colleagues to renew old acquaintances, and for many of us to see colleagues that we hadn't seen for almost 20 years.


As many of you know, Costa Rican biologists had proposed to attempt an inventory of the complete biodiversity of their country. Unfortunately, this attempt collapsed about two years ago. However, many entomological parts of the concept are still progressing, aided by grants of many millions of dollars. The organizers are particularly interested in developing this project for the largest orders of insects, such as

Coleoptera and Hymenoptera. Any funding for Neuroptera will have to wait (although we are nearing completion of a monograph of the Costa Rican neuropteran fauna). In the course of organizing the current biodiversity project, a concept is being developed that will have implications for the general systematic community, including neuropterists. It is being recommended that a web page be created for each unit of biological interest (UBI). This usually would mean a web page for each species. It would have an electronic address, and would contain any information that specialists in that particular group wanted to add. It probably would contain photographs, information about morphological characters, geographical distributions and any biological and ecological information that biologists wanted to add. Because it would be electronic, it could be updated easily and made immediately available to anyone with access to internet. When manuscripts are developed, the e-mail address for a given taxon could be added after any scientific name and readers of the article would then have access to a much greater body of information, if they wished to understand the taxon more thoroughly. The concept needn't be restricted to Costa Rica and I hope that each of us will think about creating such species specific web pages (UBI's) for Neuroptera. I invite anyone with thoughts on this issue to send them to me for inclusion in future newsletters.


The recent deaths of Phil Adams, Willy Eglin-Dederling, Ellis MacLeod, and Bo Tjeder have left the Neuropterological community without some of its most knowledgeable leaders. The first reaction is one of concern for the future without these experienced Neuropterologists to help lead and guide the rest of us. With their deaths an incredible amount of knowledge died with them. Are we going to be making taxonomic mistakes through a lack of their availability?

Further thought leaves me with a more positive feeling. Look at the legacy they did leave to the neuropterological community. Where would we be today without the fine series of publications by Bo Tjeder on the Neuroptera of southern Africa. A person cannot work on the fauna of the southern half of Africa without consulting these publications. That series has provided a basis for a multitude of high quality works over the past 20 years and the chrysopid monograph ignited a revolution in our thinking of the old genus "Chrysopa."

Ellis MacLeod and Phillip Adams have taken Tjeder's pioneering work on Chrysopidae and applied it to the multitude of names describing the Western Hemisphere fauna. One must remember that when MacLeod and Adams were students at Harvard in the mid-1950's there were hundreds of New World species described in the genus Chrysopa. The names were based mostly on unstable wing and coloration character states and many species could not be recognized with certainty. A most formidable task for anyone. Adams' taxa Ceraeochrysa and Neosuarius were a part of an ongoing attempt to organize and place into phylogenetic context these many taxa, and in large part they were successful. Brooks and Barnard's classic generic revision of Chrysopidae is basically an extension of the foundation laid out by Tjeder and Adams. What further works will appear we do not know, but it is safe to say the Neuroptera systematics is progressing far better because of these seminal works. So, it is with great sadness theat we remember their passing, but it must be tempered with a recognition and celebration of the great many works that they did accomplish. I think that we should all be heartened by this, and reflect upon what we can contribute to the further advancement of knowledge started by these colleagues for the benefit of the next generation waiting for guidance.


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