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No. 9
June 1999



Newsletter Editor: Norman Penny


Australia: Tim New North America: David Bowles
Bulgaria, Romania, Slovenia:    Alexi Popov Portuguese-Speaking World: C. Carvalho
Egypt:S.A. El Arnaouty Russia: V. Krivokhatsky
French-speaking world: Michel Canard Scandinavia: Martin Meinander
German-speaking world: Horst Aspöck Southern Africa: Mervyn Mansell
Hungary: G. Sziraki Spanish-Speaking World: Victor Monserrat
Middle East: A. Babi United Kingdom: Colin Plant


It is not too early to start making plans for the Seventh International Congress of Neuropterology, which will be held in Budapest, Hungary from 6-10 August 2000. There will be two trips planned for after the meetings. This symposium will be directed by G. Szirakí, Hungarian Natural History Museum, Baross u. 13., H-1088, Budapest, Hungary (e-mail: sziraki@zoo.zoo.nhmus.hu).


The Phillip A. Adams collection and library have been donated to the California Academy of Sciences. There are many loaned specimens associated with this collection that have been carefully marked as to ownership. I will be returning these specimens to the collection of origin as fast as feasible. Also included with the library were reprints of many of his scientific publications, which I am sure he would want dispersed among his scientific colleagues. If you have any questions about loans or would like to have reprints, please contact me at CAS.


Victor Monserrat has just come out with the first issue of the Journal of Neuropterology. We should all try to support this journal with both institutional and personal subscriptions because of its value as a focus for publishing scientific results of Neuropterida studies. Yearly subscription rates are 40 pounds sterling and should be sent to the International Association of Neuropterology, c/o The Royal Bank of Scotland, Edinburgh University Branch, 61 Forest Road, Edinburgh EHI 2QP, Scotland (account number 83-19-09-00255631). More information can be obtained on the internet at http://www.ucm.es/info/zoo/JofN.htm, or by contacting Victor Monserrat for manuscripts and Andrew Whittington about subscriptions.


I often ask myself, what are the major needs for research on the Neuropterida? We have such diverse interests that seemingly nothing can fit the needs of everyone. I, myself, am especially interested in neuropteran identification and the necessary literature, specimens, and access to help me develop this interest. The working group in England appears to be particularly keen on geographical distribution information. Others find fascinating the ecology, biology, and control of pests by neuropterans. However diverse our interests, we all have two things in common - that interest in neuropterans and a link to the scientific names of the organisms we wish to study. In recent years there have been many fine publications helping us to develop our interests, but I feel that one key element is still missing that would help us enormously. One comprehensive list of all valid names of neuropterans would form an anchor to which each one of us could link taxonomic information, distributions, biologies, ecological information, photos, reference collections among other things. In recent years several monographs have appeared which contain the valid names of Raphidioptera, Chrysopidae, Hemerobiidae and others. I think that the time has come to put it all together with a comprehensive, frequently updated list that is accessible to the public. This list would be a very valuable tool to help us all to consolidate our current information base and allow us to progress more rapidly.

Comments and thoughts on this and any other issue are welcomed for future issues of this newsletter.


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