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Using the Combined Index to Herpetology Collections

The Combined Index to Herpetology Collections is a searchable list of species and number of specimens housed in each of the 26 paticipating museums.

The table has four columns, the Institution code, Genus, Species, and specimen Count, for example:

Institution Genus Species Cnt
CAS Dermochelys coriacea 4
CM Dermochelys coriacea 5

The index can be queried or browsed by taxonomic names. Users should be aware that the taxonomies are not consistent across museums; synomyms and "alternative" spellings should be queried to ensure complete results.

Browsing the Index

The A-to-Z list across the top of the search page consists of hyperlinks that generate queries to retrieve the genera beginning with the letter chosen. Each genus name in the resulting list is also a hyperlink, and will generate a query returning a table showing records for each species in the genus, sorted by taxon.

Searching the Index

The index is also searchable by genus, species, or both. Once your query is processed, the results are presented in a table ordered by genus and species.

Limiting the number of retrieved records.

Large result sets take a long time to download, and may also cause some web browsers to crash. Results sets are therefore limited to a maximum of 2,000 records. Any query by a complete genus name will return significantly fewer than 2000 records—"Eleutherodactylus", for example returns about 1,400 records. By using wildcard characters, however, it is possible to issue a query that attempts to retrieve more than 2,000 records.

Anyone needing more comprehensive access to this data should contact Jens Vindum.