California Academy of SciencesHerpetology
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Mailing Address:      
California Academy of Sciences    
Department of Herpetology    
55 Music Concourse Dr.
Golden Gate Park
San Francisco, CA 94118    
United States      
Department Telephone: 415-379-5821    

*Please note that we do not work with the live animals on exhibit, nor do we focus on husbandry. Inquiries regarding animals on exhibit should be directed to the Aquarium, and for inquires regarding husbandry, we recommend contacting the East Bay Vivarium.

Positive identifications can only be made if a specimen is brought to our laboratory. We can not declare genera based solely upon general descriptions, drawings, or even photographs.

Also, we only accept donations of specimens if you are able to provide locality data (this includes latitude and longitude as given by a GPS unit). Otherwise please contact the Academy's Naturalist Center - they take donations of specimens that are in good shape for educational purposes.

Department of Herpetology Staff:
Curator & Chairman
Senior Collections Manager
Research Biologist (AKA Scientific Scientist)
Ricka Stoelting Curatorial Assistant II 415-379-5291
Lauren Scheinberg Research Assistant, Frog Lymphatic System Project NSF  
Ronald I. Crombie
Consultant for Philippine Project
(Currently in Palau)
Research Associates:
Silliman University; Phillipines    
Michele L. Aldrich Research Associate and Consulting Editor, Scientific Publications, CAS    
Steven C. Anderson U. Pacific    
Aaron M. Bauer Villanova University    
Joseph F. Copp no affliation    
Claudia Corti Museum of Natural History, University of Florence, Italy    
Jennifer A. Dever University of San Francisco    
Harry W. Greene Cornell University    
Kim M. Howell U. Dar es Salaam    
Mark R. Jennings Rana Resources    
Robin Lawson Research Associate, CAS    
James V. Lawry no affiliation    
Gopinathan Menon Avon Labs    
Wallace J. Nichols The Ocean Conservancy    
Theodore J. Papenfuss UC Berkeley    
Kevin de Queiroz National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institution    
Jeffery A. Wilkinson Yunnan Project Coordinator    
Field Associates:      
Frank E. Ely      
Chris R. Feldman      
Robert N. Fisher      
Bruce G. Frank      
Phillip G. Frank      
Dan G. Mulcahy
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John Tashjian      
Bruce Toloski      
Kevin D. Wiseman      
Brett C. Stearns      
Past and Present Graduate Students:
  University Advisor(s)  
Lindsay Henwood San Francisco State University Robert C. Drewes  
Ricka Stoelting San Francisco State University Robert C. Drewes  
Rhonda Lucas San Francisco State University Joe Slowinski and Alan Leviton  
Guin Wogan San Francisco State University Joe Slowinski and Alan Leviton  
Monica McDonald
San Francisco State University Robert C. Drewes  
Meghan R. Bishop 
San Francisco State University Robert C. Drewes