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Eschmeyer's Catalog of Fishes
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pacifica, Anguilla Schmidt [J.] 1928:190, 206 [Records of the Australian Museum v. 16 (no. 4); ref. 18703] Pacific, north of the equator. Syntypes: (several) whereabouts unknown. Written description of this species is apparently lacking in the text, but several tables within the work list meristic counts. Often seen dated to Schmidt 1932. •Synonym of Anguilla bicolor McClelland 1844 -- (Ege 1939:152 [ref. 13172], Kottelat 2013:37 [ref. 32989]). •Synonym of Anguilla bicolor McClelland 1844, but a valid subspecies pacifica Schmidt 1928 -- (Allen & Coates 1990:54 [ref. 25561], Allen et al. 1992:298 [ref. 21400], Keith et al. 1999:74 [ref. 24548], Huang et al. 2001:42 [ref. 25846], Teng et al. 2009:817 [ref. 30569], Motomura et al. 2010:69 [ref. 31256]). •Valid as Anguilla pacifica Schmidt 1928 -- (Fricke et al. 2014:16 [ref. 33932], Ho et al. 2015:141 [ref. 34130] as Anguilla bicolor pacifica). Current status: Synonym of Anguilla bicolor McClelland 1844. Anguillidae. Distribution: Western Pacific (if valid). Habitat: freshwater, brackish, marine.