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nanus, Derilissus Briggs [J. C.] 1969:333, Fig. 3 [Copeia 1969 (no. 2); ref. 639] Off West Plana Cay, Bahamas, depth 48-51 meters. Holotype: UF 15932. Paratypes: UF 13372 (to be 4, now 8, 1 c&s), 13373 (1) [specimens evidentlynot sent to USNM, BMNH, ANSP, and SU.] Type catalog: Gilbert 1974:113 [ref. 21035]. Four types from UF 13372 were to have been distributed to USNM, BMNH, ANSP and SU but that was not done. •Valid as Derilissus nanus Briggs 1969 -- (Fraser 1970:42 [ref. 7737], McEachran 2003:1774 [ref. 27089], Sparks & Gruber 2012:251 [ref. 32056]). Current status: Valid as Derilissus nanus Briggs 1969. Gobiesocidae: Gobiesocinae. Distribution: Western Atlantic: Bahamas. Habitat: marine.