Actinoptilum molle (Kuekenthal, 1910) ----- PENNATULACEA: VERETILLIDAE

Genus: Actinoptilum is a monospecific genus.

Description: Colonies cylindrical and sausage-shaped, up to 240 mm in height. Rachis radially symmetrical. Axis absent. Autozooids with bifurcated calyces. Sclerites are three-flanged spindles, ovals, platelets, and finger-bisquitlike forms. Color highly variable - yellow, white, reddish brown, pinkish to mauve, or bicolored. Sclerites permanently colored. Polyps white.

Characteristics: Azooxanthellate; Bioluminescent (green light).

Distribution: Endemic to coastal southern Africa; 10-300 m in depth; encountered on sandy substrata often near rocky reefs.

References: Williams, G.C. 1990. Annals of the South African Museum 99(4): p. 59. Williams, G.C. 1995. Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society 113: p. 106.