Genus: Pieterfaurea Verseveldt & Bayer, 1988. Five species - P. unilobata (J.S. Thomson, 1921); P. khoisaniana (Williams, 1988); P. sinuosa Williams, 2000; P. lampas Williams, 2000; P. equicalceola Williams, 2000.

Description: Colonies unbranched, digitiform - cylindrical to clavate/capitate. Polyps monomorphic, each with a more-or-less palisade-like arrangement of basal sclerites. Sclerites are tuberculate spindles, clubs, leaf clubs, and /or radiates. Color of alcohol-soluble pigments; sclerites are colorless.

Characteristics: Azooxanthellate. Colonies have a firm and rough appearance due to the presence of numerous, robust, and coarsely-tubercated sclerites.

Distribution: Endemic to South Africa (Cape Town to Durban); 8-93 m depth.

References: Williams, G.C. 2000. Zoologische Mededelingen, Leiden 74(6): 119-142.