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African Americans in History

A site hosted by The Institute for African American Studies listing brief biographical sketches of several key figures in African American history.

African American Odyssey

The exhibition "The African American Odyssey: A Quest for Full Citizenship," showcases the incomparable African American collections of the Library of Congress.

African American Scientists

A site that compiles the biographies of several African American scientists.

African American Women

The On-line Archival Collections from the Special Collections Library at Duke University featuring the major players in the history of African American women.

African-American Women Inventors

A site dedicated to the memory of African-American women inventors from the African-American Inventors Series.

Biographies of Minority Scientists

The Just/Garcia/Hill Science web site: a virtual community for minorities in science.

Black History Month

Established in 1976, Black History Month is a time to look at the influence of African-Americans in American Culture.

Black History Month

These sites related to Black History Month contain information on African-American history, individuals, and other related topics. The sites listed are just a few of the many about Black History Month.

Celebrate Black History Month

Links to other sites celebrating Black History Month.

Museum of Afro American History

Links to sites focussed on Black history from the Museum of Afro American History in Boston

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WORLD WIDE WEB - Specific People

Banneker, Benjamin Inventor

Blackwell, David Mathematician and games theorist

Carruthers, George Robert, Ph.D. Research physicist and astro scientist

Carver, George Washington, Jr. Inventor, known for plant chemistry

Cobb, Jewel Plummer Biologist and physiologist

Cowings, Patricia NASA scientist

Darden, Christine Aerospace Engineer

Henson, Matthew - Arctic Explorer

Hunt, Dr. Fern Y. Mathematician

Jackson, Shirley A. Theoretical Physicist

Jemison, Mae C. First African American female astronaut

Julian, Percy Chemist

Just, Ernest Zoologist, biologist, physiologist, research scientist

Latimer, Lewis Engineer and inventor

McNair, Ronald Astronaut

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Breakthrough: The Changing Face of Science in America. Boston, MA: PBS Video, 1996. (3 cassettes, 114 min each) Pub Q141.B73 1996.

From Dreams to Reality: A Tribute to Minority Inventors. Washington, D.C.: U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, 1986. (26 min.) Pub T39 .F76 1986.

Inventing the Future: African American Contributions to Scientific Discovery and Invention. Washington, D.C.: American Chemical Society, 1994. (30 min.) Pub T39 .I58 1994.

Tracing the Path: African American Contributions to Chemistry in the Life Sciences. Washington, D.C.: American Chemical Society, 1994. (18 min.) Pub QD21 .T72 1994.

All materials with call numbers beginning Pub, Pub Juv, Biodiv, or Biodiv Juv are available for loan to Academy members.

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