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Science unit for kindergarten/first grade.


Bats4Kids: Bats, Bats Everywhere

Bat facts, games, quizzes, and classroom ideas.


Bat Conservation International

Current information about bat conservation.


Bats: The Only Flying Mammal

Thematic curriculum for grades K-12.


Batty about Bats

http: //

Games, quiz, and anatomy info.



Nine true/false questions.


Deserts Bats

Vital statistics, range, and more.


NWF's Ranger Rick Magazine: Bat Quiz

Eight multiple choice questions about size, features, diet, and other general facts.


The Organization for Bat Conservation

Information about size, diet, how to help bats and where to get more info.


Seaworld-Animal Bytes: Bats

Basic facts, conservation, and bibliography.


Test Your Batting Average

Interesting facts about bats, and what to do if you find an injured bat.


What's So Bad About BATS?

Current information, also info about Merlin Tuttle – director of Bat Conservation International.

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