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A to Z Kids Stuff Ocean


Some art projects, songs and fingerplay, and other creative ideas surrounding an ocean are provided.


ChildFun Ocean Activities


More songs and art projects for kids.


Fish FAQ


Do you have a question about fish?  This list of questions and answers can help you find great information!


International Year of the Ocean


 Links to other sites, games, information, and more are available at this site.




Would you like to be a marine biologist?  How about find out the meanings to words that scientists use when they talk?  This site provides a lot of information!


Monterey Bay Aquarium Kids E-Q


Find out about animals who live in Monterey Bay, play games, learn about careers in sciences, and more.


Ocean Animal Printouts


This is a great site for entertaining information and coloring fun!


Ocean Collection for Kids


Learn about life in the oceans, habitats, and other ocean related topics.


Ocean Planet: Fact Sheets


Fact sheets on each ocean are available, including how big and where to find it.


Oceans Alive!


 A great deal of information, all in one place.


Planet Ocean


Animals that live in the ocean are highlighted at this web site.


Temperate Oceans – What’s it Like Where You Live?


Access to links, animals, frequently asked questions, and more.


Under the Sea


A second grade class has put together a site all about the oceans and the animals that live in them.



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Coral Reef Bibliography



Gray Whale Bibliography



Marine Mammals Bibliography



Oceans Bibliography



Pacific Sea Turtles Bibliography



Penguins for Kids Bibliography



Sharks Bibliography



Sharks for Kids Bibliography



Steinhart Aquarium Home Page




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