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Africa News Online – Madagascar

From the Africa News Service, this site offers current news information about Madagascar. Headlines and summary information are included on a page with links to full articles.

Animal Diversity Web

Type Madagascar in the "Quick Search" box and you’ll have access to links to information about the animals of Madagascar. The animal’s pages include information on geographic range, physical characteristics, and natural history. References are provided and some media files are also available.

CIA World Factbook – Madagascar

The CIA World Factbook’s information about Madagascar. It includes economic and political information as well as maps and demographics.

Conspectus of the Vascular Plants of Madagascar

This project, hosted by the Missouri Botanical Garden, is an international and multi-institutional effort to make information on the vascular plants of Madagascar widely available. The links to plant images on this page are a valuable resource.

Duke University Primate Center - Lemur Project

The Duke Primate Center has a wealth of information about lemurs and prosimians. Animal information, photographs, and information about Madagascar are all provided in a clear and easy to navigate way.

Ethnologue: Madagascar

This site is the Madagascar section of Ethnologue: Languages of the World. The sections informs the readers that six languages are spoken in Madagascar, defines what they are, and estimates the number of speakers for each language. The site also attempts to identify dialects.

The Great Red Island: A Future for its Bats?

The text, and a few photos, from an article about bats in Madagascar.

Greatest Places – Madagascar Page

The Science Museum of Minnesota has put up an informative page about Madagascar. Here you can find out about the baobab tree, lemurs, the hissing cockroach, and other Madagascar information.

Institute for the Conservation of Tropical Environments

The State University of New York at Stony Brook has been instrumental in the creation of a national park in Madagascar. The project that helped to create the park continues to this day, and you can find out about it here. Find out about protected areas in Madagascar, how you can help, and possible training opportunities available.

Karst and Caves of Madagascar

Along with some useful information, this site has fantastic maps and links to other sites about Madagascar.

The Living Edens – Madagascar, A World Apart

This is the companion page to a video we have in the Library. The site contains resources for teachers, links to other relevant sites, information about lemurs and chameleons, and much, much more.

Madagascar Biological Inventory Initiative

At this page you can find out about the Academy’s involvement with Madagascar and the Institute for the Conservation of Tropical Environments. You can also link to information about CAS’s first Madagascar expedition.

Madagascar – Consular Information

If you’re planning to visit Madagascar it might be a good idea to take a look at the U.S. State Department information about the country.

Madagascar – Library of Congress Country Studies

The Library of Congress Country Studies site provides a great deal of information about Madagascar. The information ranges from a country profile to the historical setting, physical environment, society, and other areas of interest.

Madagascar Maps

Links to many maps of Madagascar, both political and detailed.

Madagascar: Menus & Recipes from Africa

Along with recipes for a Malagasy dinner, this site provides a menu, a shopping list for eight, and information on how a meal is served in Madagascar.

Madagascar Page

This site, from the African Studies Department at the University of Pennsylvania, provides links to other Madagascar sites.

Madagascar Plant Diversity

The Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, has put together a Madagascar site that provides information about Madagascar plants from legumes to orchids to trees.

Madagascar: Up Close and Personal

This site includes a wealth of information. Along with breaking news, the author provides access to information about travel, national parks, facts and figures, a photo gallery, and a bulletin board for interacting with other visitors to the site.

Madagascar – World Wide Web Virtual Library

Columbia University has provided access to an index of Madagascar sites. The first category is general information, along with news and politics. The second and third categories are economic development and the environment and education, history, and culture.

No Time For Lemurs

The Academy’s very own magazine, California Wild, published an article in Fall, 1998 about the Academy’s entomologists in Madagascar.

Photoessay on Madagascar

The title says it all: This page features a photoessay of regions in Madagascar, with photos of plant and animal life. Each photograph is accompanied by a brief explanation.

Political Resources on the Net – Madagascar

This site contains a variety of politically oriented links to information.

Sites Relatifs à Madagascar

A mostly annotated list of organizations (with links to web sites) that operate in Madagascar. Site primarily in French.

Sheffield Archaeology – Fieldwork in Madagascar

This site is a report on archaeological fieldwork conducted in southern Madagascar in 1995 and 1996.

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