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Bridge Ocean Sciences Education Teacher Resource Center


Best websites and resources for teachers on marine biology and oceanography. Includes information on  deep sea exploration and a variety of ocean research.   Teachers can check on scientists and their research in the spotlight section.


Kelp Forest and Rocky Subtidal Habitats


Information about Monterey Bay kelp forest distribution, ecology and marine life, and human use and impact. Lists other resources on the kelp forest.


International Year of the Ocean


Provides information on saving the ocean. Links to related subjects, federal law, etc.


Marine and Environmental Education and Research


Provides websites of journals, newsletters, articles, and other resources on fish, seas, and oceans.  Also links to college courses online.


Marine Geology and Geophysics


Current research and information on El Nino, oceanography, etc., and links to related issues.


National Estuary Program


Profiles of  a number of estuaries in the United States with map links and endangered species information. 




Articles include weather, oceans, etc. Lists related websites.




Links to a glossary, ocean facts, career information, and more.




“OceanPortal is a high-level directory of Ocean Data and Information related web sites.”


Ocean Planet, Smithsonian


A virtual tour of the Ocean Planet exhibit at the Smithsonian’s Museum of Natural History.


Ocean Voice International


Information about their projects, and general information on the ocean.


Oceanic Information Center


Resources on oceanographic experiments, research projects, databases, etc.


Physical Oceanography from Space


Information links on oceanography, including satellites.


Scripps Institution of Oceanography Library


Links to journals, databases and other resources dealing with oceanography.


Tsunami Research Program


Focuses on an integrated approach to improving tsunami warning and mitigation. Provides links to research and development activities.


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Aquarium Bibliography



Coral Reef Bibliography



Gray Whale Bibliography



Marine Mammals Bibliography



Ocean Paleontology



Sharks Bibliography



Sharks for Kids Bibliography



Venomous Seaslugs & Nudibranch Bibliography


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