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An Annotated Bibliography of Vanuatu Languages

Would you like to know the languages that are spoken on Tanna? How about Ambae? Simply click on an island name to find out which languages are spoken on that island.

CIA Ė The World Factbook 2000: Vanuatu

The traditional CIA World Factbook is now available online. At the site you can find maps, information about population, imports, the monetary unit, and more.

Community Environmental Research in the Pacific Islands

At this web site you can find out about community field research taking place in Vanuatu and other Pacific Islands.

Culture: Melanesia

This wonderful site provides maps of Melanesia that convey information about language, colonization, nuclear testing and more. All of the information is provided in a colorful and easy to understand way.

Ethnologue: Vanuatu

An estimated 109 living languages, and one extinct language, are spoken in Vanuatu. Find out which languages are spoken, the approximate number of speakers of each language, dialects, and other information at this incredibly informative web site.

Governments on the WWW: Vanuatu

Links to information about Vanuatu are provided at this web site.

Jon Frum Home Page

An existing cargo cult remains on the island of Tanna in Vanuatu. Read more about cargo cults in general, and the Jon Frum Cargo Cult in particular, at this web site.

Melanesian Culture and History: Vanuatu

This web site provides some basic factual information about Vanuatu, as well as links to more indepth material.

Pacific Islands Report

Read todayís news from the Pacific islands, browse the archives, and find more news at this informative current events web site.

State, Society, and Governance in Melanesia

Find out more about Melanesia at this web site. The Australian National University has posted discussion papers from its Research School of Pacific and Asian Studies on this web site. At the site you can read about "Chiefly power in southern Vanuatu, " and more.


View the Vanuatu flag, learn about their emblem, and more at this web site.

Vanuatu Cultural Centre Home Page

The Cultural Centre is the umbrella body for the National Library of Vanuatu and the National Museum of Vanuatu. The site provides links and other information.

Vanuatu National Anthem

The text of the anthem, in English and a native language, are provided at this page.

Vanuatu Online

While this is definitely a commercial site, it does contain a wealth of information on various aspects of Vanuatu, including a Quick Facts page.

Virtual Stamp Album New Hebrides

The New Hebrides, now known as Vanuatu, is world famous for issuing beautiful and highly collectable stamps. This site, as advertised, is a virtual stamp album where you can view the stamps and learn about the postal history of Vanuatu.

World Species List: Vanuatu Databases

What kinds of plants and animals live on Vanuatu? Are they endangered? Find out the answers to your questions through the links on the above page.

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