About the Elkus Web Page

The Elkus Papers were brought to the Academy in 1980 through the efforts of Charles Elkus' son Ben. The Elkus' papers and correspondence are primary historical resources for the history of Indian administration and reform, particularly during the crucial decades of the 1930's to the 1950's. Ben Elkus has had an integral part in cataloging the papers. It is his hope The Elkus Web Page will make the papers more accessible to researchers and those interested in our Native history.

The Elkus Web Page has been a collaborative project to integrateThe Elkus Papers, The Stories by Ben Elkus and The Anthropology Elkus Collection. The stories, published here for the first time, draw on Ben's memories of going down to the Southwest and offer insight into a time past. The Papers also describe the modern development of Indian arts and crafts.

A special thanks to the many volunteers and departments who have contributed their time and effort to the Elkus project. In particular, Anthropology: Russell Hartman, Andrew Lax. Computer Services: Jack Foss. Library Staff: Karren Elsbernd, Anne Malley, Tom Moritz, Beth Ryan, Andrew Sanchez, Lesley Segedy. Research: Gabriel Mascardo, Lisa Montano. Volunteer Services: Rosalind Henning, Diane Butler. Volunteers: Julie Alden, Tom Gregor, Brian Kunde.


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