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Portrait of Alice Eastwood in floral hat.
Catalog Number: N5116c.
Gustavus A. Eisen circa 1909-1912

Alice Eastwood in Hospital Canyon, San Joaquin County, standing by Eastwoodia elegans.
Catalog Number: N5116b.
Unknown 1938

Alice Eastwood collecting festuca eastwoodae at Pyramid Lake.
Catalog Number: AE0035.
Herman Knoche 1927

Photograph of Alice Eastwood in honor of her 80th birthday.
Catalog Number: N2395.
Frank L. Rogers 1939

Alice Eastwood sorting out specimens.
Catalog Number: AE0036.
Unknown 1929

Portrait of Alice Eastwood in Denver.
Catalog Number: N5116a.
Unknown circa 1883

Alice Eastwood with plant press, Warner Hot Springs, San Diego County.
Catalog Number: AE0026.
Unknown 1913

Cyanotype of Alice Eastwood in the lab.
Catalog Number: AE0028.
Charles Keeler circa 1910s-1920s