1. Lists, descriptions of fish, key to plates for manuscript of "The Fishes of Panama, Colombia, and the Pacific Slopes of Ecuador and Peru"
  2. Manuscripts - "On the Road to Bogata", The Colombian Expedition - part III, accounts of expedition to South America, South American fishes - descriptions and drawings
  3. Manuscripts and drawings, personal correspondence (Haseman), accounts of expeditions
  4. Correspondence and notes on expedition to Brazil (Dr. Ternetz), descriptions of specimens, personal accounts of trips, manuscript "Fishes and Fishing in Tropical America"
  5. Obituary, notes, photos of fish, correspondence, newspaper clippings, Rosa Smith Eigenmann information, etc.
  6. Material from Indiana University, programs, receipts, testimonial
  7. Manuscripts on Dora Didae, trip to Potaro, descriptions of South American species
  8. Manuscripts on South American fishes and "Freshwater Fishes of Chile", drawings, expense accounts, descriptions