1. Biography, family correspondence, foreign correspondence, personal, photographs
  2. Ledgers, diaries
  3. Maps, Guatemala earthquake, photographs, Indians
  4. Turquoise mine, San Bernadino County, book Trees of Sunnyside by nephew, reprints, letters to Ira Condit, Indiana
  5. Folder on turquoise mines and pictographs, books on figs by Eisen
  6. Reprints on figs
  7. Folder on Amoebae by Dr. Brugiere, reprints on earthworms, miscellaneous correspondence, 4 publications on plasmocytes
  8. Reprints on amoebae and parasites
  9. Europe, Africa, Vesuvius photographs and correspondence
  10. Manuscript and drawings for The Crescent and the Cross
  11. Manuscripts - The Crescent and the Cross, The Closing of the Gate, The Silvertoe Mine and the opera "Angrum"
  12. Correspondence, C.A.S. history (McFarland, Alice Eastwood, Miller, etc.), photographs, personal history, catalog of Guatemala textiles
  13. Material on Sequoia, General Grant and Kings Canyon parks, bibliography, material by McFarland and Miller
  14. Reprints, glass negatives, letter folders, photographic work
  15. Material on The Great Chalice of Antioch

Unidentified metal object (Italian?)
Metal box - light with wick
Old ledger book with newspaper articles pasted in
Large cloth suitcase with thousands of negatives of geographic locations (mainly Europe)

Photographs and newspaper article in oversize flat files