1. Hydrangea and Jepson Manual
  2. Hydrangea and Jepson Manual
  3. Hydrangea and Jepson Manual
  4. Erythrina and Pontederiaceae
  5. San Bruno Mountains and Trees of Golden Gate Park
  6. San Bruno Mountains and Trees of Golden Gate Park
  7. Hydrangea and Jepson Manual
  8. Erythrina and Pontederiaceae
  9. Hydrangea and Jepson Manual
  10. Bamboos and Fabaceae (1955-1997)
  11. Miscellaneous (1956-1988)
    -Folders describing a genus or species, 27 folders
    -Handwritten notes on Pittosporaceae and Myosporaceae (also known as Scrophulariaceae), 1 folder
    -Brochure How to Name a New Plant from American Assn. of Nurserymen
    -Nomenclature, patent trademark, and copyright issues, 25 folders
    -American Horticultural Council Handbook, 1956
    -Typed list of plants discussed at Calif. Nurserymen's Association meeting, Peninsula Chapter, February 12, 1959
    -Published plant patent, March 22, 1988
    -Correspondence with Andrew Leiser, 1 folder
  12. Miscellaneous (1960-1997)
    -Correspondence and memberships; green file box with 25 folders
    -Checklist of plant names, 1 folder
    -ISTA list of Stabilized Plants, 1984
    -AABGA Annual Conference Registrants, 1997
    -Annotated Checklist of Woody Ornamental Plants, 1979, 1 folder, 2 copies
    -A Checklist of Woody Ornamental Plants of California, 1 folder, 2 copies
    -Negatives and Prints of Mexican Kodachromes, 1 folder
    -Correspondence with Jenny Fleming regarding publication, 1 folder
    -Flora of China Project Guidelines, 1 folder
    -Biography of James West from California Horticultural Society Journal, July 1967, 1 folder
    -Articles - Plants and their Names, 1 folder
    -Planning and Conservation League Correspondence 1998, 1 folder
    -Flora Europaea, 1 folder
    -U.C. Herbariem Ornamentals 1989, 1 folder
    -Manuscript of Thornea, a new genus,  1 folder
    -Unidentified Latin Manuscript, 1 folder
    -Black and white wedding photograph
    -The Earth's Changing Flora. Cultivation of Ornamentals. 10 folders
  13. Miscellaneous 1990-1992
  14. Correspondence 1943-1952
  15. Correspondence 1953-1955
  16. Correspondence 1956-1958
  17. Correspondence; Reprints; Memberships; Dues; Specimen loans
  18. Poisonous plants
  19. Eucalyptus, Philadelphus, Tanacetum, Dulfer on Erica, American Bamboo Society, Arbutus x andarachnoides "Marina"
  20. Family History, McClintock publications (1942-1979)
  21. Poisonous plants, Escaped exotics
  22. Publications and Biographies
  23. Japan, Patagonia/Chile/Argentina/Bolivia/Quito, Japanese Tea Gardens, Trees of Golden Gate Park
  24. Society of Women Geographers, Notes of Trips, Poisonous Plants
  25. Miscellaneous Files
  26. Miscellaneous Files
  27. Strybing Arboretum, other arboretums, Trees of the Panhandle, Misc.
  28. San Bruno Flora, Misc.