1. Personal - some research material
  2. Articles, manuscripts, notes
  3. Notes, manuscript, miscellaneous, correspondence
  4. Special studies: Blackbird control, deer, tule elk, Humboldt C. elk, Fish and Game statistics, quail, rodent, and white-tailed kite
  5. Material on geese
  6. Miscellaneous material - notes, manuscript, etc.
  7. Printed articles
  8. Black Brant - 1-10th census
  9. Canada goose miscellaneous, Black Brant 11-12th census, white cheecked goose
  10. Correspondence A-Ba
  11. Correspondence Bi-F
  12. Correspondence G-L
  13. Correspondence M-Na
  14. Correspondence Na-R
  15. Correspondence S-Z
  16. Birds of Tahoe area - manuscript, work sheets
  17. Birds of Tahoe area - manuscript, work sheets
  18. Birds of Tahoe area - manuscript, work sheets
  19. Birds of Tahoe area, with James T. Orr
  20. Food Habits Research, Eel Grass Study with Clarence Colton and Robert Orr
    1. Large letter file box containing manuscripts and notes
    2. Tahoe field notes
    3. Black notebook News from the Bird-Banders

Oversize photographs, illustrations, and certificate in flat files