Folder List

  1. Obituaries; May 1961
  2. Bibliography and Summary of Autobiography; Dec. 1956
  3. Correspondence; 1900-1903, 1905-1906, 1908-1909, 1911, 1919, 1957
  4. Paleontological Notes about the San Lorenzo Area; n.d.
  5. Specimen Lists and Misc. Notes; n.d., 1903, 1905-1907
  6. "Fossils of the California Oil Fields"; n.d.
  7. "Report on Mr. Eldridge's California Fossils"; n.d., 1903
  8. "The Faunal Relations of the Carrizo Creek Beds of California"; by Ralph Arnold [typed manuscript]; n.d.
  9. "On the Use of the Name Vaqueros for the Lower Miocene of the Coast Ranges of Central California"; by Ralph Arnold [typed manuscript]; n.d.
  10. "Notes on the Stratigraphy and Paleontology of the Southwestern San Joaquin Valley, California"; given in answer to a request contained in letter from W. C. Mendenhall, to Ralph Arnold, dated November 30, 1906; 1906?
  11. "Dome Structure in Conglomerate"; by Ralph Arnold; Sept.-Oct. 1907
  12. "Metamorphism by Combustion of the Hydrocarbons in the Oil-Bearing Shale of California"; by Ralph Arnold and Robert Anderson; Nov.-Dec. 1907
  13. "New and Characteristic Species of Fossil Mollusks from the Oil-Bearing Tertiary Formations of Santa Barbara County, California"; by Ralph Arnold; Dec. 1907
  14. "Extracts from Report on Properties Near Lonoak, Monterey Co. for the Lonoak Oil Co."; by Ralph Arnold; Dec. 1909
  15. "Supplementary Index to Dall's Report on the Florida Tertiary"; and "Index to Pacific Coast Species"; prepared by Harold Hannibal; n.d.