Folder List

  1. Resume and List of Publications; 1974?
  2. Memo to Dr. R.C. Miller proposing meteorite exhibit; Apr. 1963
  3. Proposal for CAS Meteorite Expedition to Goose Lake; n.d. (1960s)
  4. "The Goose Lake Fragments" by C.P. Butler - published article and 18 original b/w photographic plates; May 1963
  5. "The Urban/Wildland Fire Interface" by C.P. Butler; Sept. 1976
  6. "Abstracts of Papers Presented at 'Experimental Methods in Fire Research: A Meeting to Honor Clay Preston Butler on His 70th Birthday, May 9-10, 1974'"; 1974
  7. Photograph - b/w 5x7 - Clay Preston Butler teaching children; n.d.
  8. Library Staff Notes