Folder List

  1. Biographical Notes and Obituaries; n.d., 1941
  2. Bibliographies of H. Walton Clark; 1937, 1941
  3. Portrait (5x7 b/w photo); n.d.
  4. Correspondence re: new types of plants; n.d., 1915-1917, 1919-1921, 1923, 1925-1926, 1929-1932, 1935-1938, 1940-1941
  5. Letter to Dr. J. Frank Daniel; n.d.
  6. Letter to the Editor of the Chronicle re: the grunion (fish); 1929
  7. Memorandum re: Mr. Seale and Aquarium property; 1935
  8. Journal; June 6, 1917- June 4, 1918 [very faded negative inserted at pg. 179]
  9. Itinerary and Journal from 1932 Templeton Crocker Expedition; Mar.-Aug. 1932
  10. Report on Fishes - Handwritten Notes on Collecting Fishes on Templeton Crocker Expedition; n.d. (1932?)
  11. Lists of Daily Professional Activities; 1934-1940
  12. Receipts for Beekeeping Supplies; 1936
  13. The Muscatine Journal [newspaper] - 70th Anniversary Issue - Article about biological station, freshwater clam study, and staff (including Clark); n.d.
  14. Newspaper Clippings re: pearls; 1939, 1971
  15. Miscellaneous; n.d., 1937, 1940
  16. Library Staff Notes

Articles (Reprints and Drafts) by H. Walton Clark; n.d., 1901-1902, 1911, 1912, 1928, 1931, 1935-1938, 1941

  1. Misc. Manuscript Pages; n.d.
  2. "A New Crop for California" - Typed Article; n.d.
  3. "A Plea for Agricultural Exploration in America" - Handwritten Article; n.d.
  4. "Concerning the Third Term Propaganda" - Handwritten Article; n.d.
  5. "Hallotrios solus, New Genus and Species: An Adventure into Synthetic Zoology" - Handwritten Article; n.d.
  6. "Mikes and Ikes Among Plants and Animals" - Handwritten Article; n.d.
  7. "The Museum of the Future" - Handwritten Article and Notes; n.d.
  8. "Naming the Birds Without a Gun" - Typed Article; n.d.
  9. "Notes on a Collection of Fishes Captured on a Cruise of the Samona II, in 1932, and Transmitted to the California Academy of Sciences" - Handwritten Article; n.d.
  10. "On a Collection of Fishes from Lorica, State of Columbia, and Presented to the California Academy of Sciences" - Handwritten Article; n.d.
  11. "On Some Examples of Foggy Thinking and its Danger to Democracy" - Handwritten Article; n.d.
  12. "Photoperiodicity in a San Francisco Garden" - Partial Handwritten Article (pp. 1-2); n.d.
  13. "Studies of Pearl and Shell Formation in the Unionidae" - Typed and Handwritten Articles; n.d. [includes 2 b/w photographs]
  14. "The Triology of a Garden-Lover" - Handwritten Article; n.d.
  15. "Type and Species" - Handwritten Article; n.d.
  16. "Utricularia inflata in California" - Handwritten Article; n.d.
  17. "What I Did With My Millions" - Handwritten Article; n.d.
  18. "Who Invented Bi-Focal Lenses?" - Handwritten Article; n.d. (post-1932)
  19. "Flora of Eagle Lake and Vicinity"; 1901-1902
  20. "Some Observations Made On Little River, Near Wichita, Kansas, with Reference to the Unionidae"; 1911
  21. "The Mussel Fauna of the Maumee River"; 1912
  22. "Note on the Roosterfish"; 1928
  23. "Description of a New Species of Deep-Sea Fish, Grammatostomias from off the California Coast" - Typed Annotated Article [with illustration]; 1931
  24. "A Distributional List of the Species of Freshwater Fishes Known to Occur in California"; 1931
  25. "Those Paper-Weight Gardens"; 1931
  26. "Herpetological Notes: On the Occurrence of a Probable Hybrid Between the Eastern and Western Box Turtles."; 1935
  27. "The Painted Box Turtle, Terrapene ornata (Agassiz) in Indiana" - Handwritten Article; 1936?
  28. "The Templeton Crocker Expedition of the California Academy of Sciences, 1932: No. 29: New and Noteworthy Fishes" - Drafts and Published Article; 1936
  29. "New Fishes from the Templeton Crocker Expedition of 1934-35" - Published Article and Drafts; 1937 [includes 6 b/w photographs of fish]
  30. "Telmatology: The Science of Pools" - Typed and Handwritten Articles; ca. 1937
  31. "Ichthyological Notes: Decapteus Scombrinus (Valenciennes) in Monterey Bay" - Published Article and Typed Draft; 1938
  32. "The Templeton Crocker Expedition of 1934-35: No. 36: Additional New Fishes" - Draft and Published Article; 1938
  33. "Studies in the Formation of Shell and Pearls in Freshwater Mussels" - Typed Article with Cover Letter to the Commissioner of Fisheries; 1941
  34. Intercession and other Verses and Prose; n.d. (ca. 1942-1944)

Articles (Reprints and Drafts) by Barton Warren Evermann and Howard Walton Clark

  1. Correspondence concerning publication of "Fishes of the Revillagigedo" and "Fishes Collected by the Templeton Crocker Expedition of 1934-35"
  2. "Fishes of the Revillagigedo and the Tres Marias Islands" - Drafts; 1931.
  3. "Fishes Collected by the Templeton Crocker Expedition of 1934-35" by Barton Warren Evermann and Howard Walton Clark - Drafts and reprint.