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  1. Biographical Information; 1932
  2. Correspondence; 1918, 1923, 1927

Articles by Donald R. Dickey

  1. "The Nesting of the Spotted Owl"; Sept/Oct. 1914
  2. "The Cannibal Gulls of Los Coronados"; April 1915
  3. "The Hummers of a Foothill Valley"; June 1915
  4. "The Shadow-Boxing of Pipilo"; May-June 1916
  5. "An Inland Occurrence of the Common Tern" and "A Winter Record of the Kern Red-Wing"; Jan. 1922
  6. "The Validity of the Catalina Island Quail"; Jan. 1922
  7. "Breeding of the San Diego Titmouse on the Mohave Desert" and "Second Occurrence of the Yakutat Song Sparrow in California" and "Slight Extension of the Breeding Range o the Western Lark Sparrow"; Mar. 1922
  8. "Kern County Notes" and "Wintering of the Nuttall Sparrow in Los Angeles County"; Mar. 1922
  9. "A Bat New for California"; May 1922
  10. "The Occurrence of the Desert Horned Lark in Southern California"; May 1922
  11. "The Iceland Gull (Larus leucopterus) in California"; July 1922
  12. "A Second Capture of the Broad-Tailed Hummingbird in California" and "Swamp Sparrow Recorded from California"; July 1922
  13. "The Mimetic Aspect of the Mocker's Song"; Sept. 1922
  14. "Distribution of Molothrus ater in California with the Description of a New Race"; Nov. 1922
  15. "Description of a New Clapper Rail from the Colorado River Valley"; Jan. 1923
  16. "An Extension of the Range of the Muskrat in California"; Feb. 1923
  17. "The Fulvous Tree-Ducks of Buena Vista Lake"; Mar. 1923
  18. "Evidence of Interrelation Between Fox and Caribou"; May 1923
  19. "Additional Notes from the Coastal Islands of Southern California"; July 1923
  20. "The Gray Flycatcher in the White Mountains of California" and "A Third Record of the Gray-headed Junco in California"; July 1923
  21. "Description of a New Grouse from Southern California"; Sept. 1923
  22. "A New Rack of the Least Bittern from the Pacific Coast"; Jan/Feb. 1924
  23. "Notes on Certain Horned Larks in California"; May 1924
  24. "The Status of the Florida Gallinule of Western North America"; May 1924
  25. "Bird Life Among Lava Rock and Coral Sand: Photographs Taken on a Scientific Expedition to Little-known Islands of Hawaii"; July 1925
  26. "A Revisionary Study of the Western Gull"; July 1925
  27. "A Third California Record of the Rusty Blackbird"; Mar. 1928
  28. "A New Race of the White-throated Swift from Central America"; May 1928
  29. "A New Central American Flycatcher"; July 1928
  30. "Three New Jays from El Salvador"; July 1928
  31. "A New Chipping Sparrow from Central America"; Nov. 1928
  32. "A New Wood Rail from El Salvador"; Jan. 1929
  33. "A New Race of Troglodytes rufociliatus from El Salvador"; April 1929
  34. "Geographic Variation in Aulacorhynchus Prasinus (Gould)"; Jan. 1930
  35. "The Identity of Ortyx leucopogon Lesson"; Jan. 1930
  36. "A New Bluebird from El Salvador"; Jan. 1930
  37. "A New Clapper Rail from Sonora"; Dec. 1930