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  1. Correspondence re: protection of mountain sheep in California; 1928
  2. Photographs ("Dixon's Dell", portrait of Dixon, wedding photo of Ethel Bernice Schoen and Joseph Scattergood Dixon); n.d., 1948
  3. Articles mentioning Joseph Dixon; n.d., 1920, 1925, 1927, 1930, 1953
  4. Library Staff Notes

Publications by Joseph Dixon; 1916-1929, 1933-1934

  1. "Does the Grizzly Bear Still Exist in California?"; Apr. 1916
  2. "The Timber Wolf in California"; July 1916
  3. "Migration of the Yellow-Billed Loon"; Oct. 1916
  4. "The Home Life of the Baird Sandpiper"; May 1917
  5. "Natural History of the Pocket Gopher; Various Methods of Control"; July 1917
  6. "The Nesting Grounds and Nesting Habits of the Spoon-Billed Sandpiper"; Oct. 1918
  7. Natural History of the Ground Squirrels of California; 1918
  8. "Wild Ducks as Winter Guests in a City Park"; Oct. 1919
  9. "Notes on the Natural History of the Bushy-Tailed Wood Rats of California"; Dec. 1919
  10. "Nesting of the Olive-Sided Flycatcher in Berkeley, California"; Nov. 1920
  11. "Relative Dimensions of Aeroplanes and Hawks"; July 1921
  12. "The Buffle-Head Breeding in California"; Sept. 1921
  13. "A Specimen of the Black Swift from San Diego County, California"; Sept. 1921
  14. "The Common Hawks and Owls of California from the Standpoint of the Rancher"; Apr. 1922
  15. "Directions for the Tanning and Dressing of Furs"; Apr. 1922
  16. "Rodents and Reclamation in the Imperial Valley"; Aug. 1922
  17. "Nesting Records of the Dusky Poor-Will"; May 1923
  18. "Notes on the Life History of the Gray Shrew"; Feb. 1924
  19. "Nesting of the Wood Duck in California"; Mar. 1924
  20. "Early Nesting of the Junco on the Berkeley Campus"; Sept. 1924
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  37. A Study of the Life History and Food Habits of Mule Deer in California; 1934