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  1. Obituary; 1979
  2. "Carl L. Hubbs: Scientist of the Year"; Mar. 1974
  3. "Pelicans Survive DDT Tailspin" [mentions Hubbs]; 1975
  4. Drafts of Articles on the Order Cyprinodontes; n.d., 1925
  5. Book Review by Hubbs - "Methods and Principles of Systematic Zoology"; June 1953
  6. Library Staff Notes

Published Articles by Carl L. Hubbs

  1. "The Distribution of Nuttall's Sparrow in California"; July 1918
  2. "Studies of the Fishes of the Order Cyprinodontes"; Jan. 1924
  3. "A Report on the Fishes of Oklahoma, with Description of New Genera and Species"; 1926
  4. "A Check-List of the Fishes of the Great Lakes and Tributary Waters, with Nomenclatorial Notes and Analytical Keys"; July 1926
  5. "Studies of the Fishes of the Order Cyprinodontes VI"; July 1926
  6. "Materials for a Distributional Study of Ontario Fishes"; 1929
  7. "Fishery Research in Michigan"; 1930
  8. "Materials for a Revision of the Catostomid Fishes of Eastern North America"; Apr. 1930
  9. "The Scientific Name of the Columbia River Chub"; Oct. 1931
  10. "Species and Hybrids of Mollienisia"; Feb. 1933
  11. "Fresh-Water Fishes Collected in British Honduras and Guatemala"; Aug. 1935
  12. "The Darters of the Genera Hololepis and Villora"; Oct. 1935
  13. "A Revision of the Lamprey Genus Ichthyomyzon"; June 1937
  14. "A Revision of the Black Basses (Micropterus and Huro) with Descriptions of Four New Forms"; July 1940
  15. "Contribution to the Ichthyology of Alaska, with Descriptions of Two New Fishes"; May 1941
  16. "Endemic Fish Fauna of Lake Waccamaw, North Carolina"; June 1946
  17. "Revision of Ceratichthys, a Genus of American Cyprinid Fishes"; Jan. 1947
  18. "Toxicity of the Roe of the Cabezon, Scorpaenichthys Marmoratus"; Apr. 1951
  19. "Probable Record of the Beaked Whale, Ziphius Cavirostris, in Baja California"; Aug. 1951
  20. "Persistence of a Rare Color Aberration in the Heermann Gull"; Sept/Oct. 1951
  21. "Eastern Pacific Records and General Distribution of the Pygmy Sperm Whale"; Nov. 1951
  22. "Winter Population of Pinnipeds about Guadalupe, San Benito, and Cedros Islands, Baja California"; May 1952
  23. "Recent Climatic History in California and Adjacent Areas" [conference presentation]; 1957
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  25. "La Jolla Natural Radiocarbon Measurements"; 1960
  26. "Some Highlights from the Natural Radiocarbon Datings of La Jolla Laboratory"; Nov. 1961
  27. "La Jolla Natural Radiocarbon Measurements II & III"; 1962, 1963
  28. "David Starr Jordan"; Dec. 1964
  29. "La Jolla Natural Radiocarbon Measurements IV"; 1965
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