Folder List

  1. Ornithological Field Notes - around Stanford University, Palo Alto, and Moss Landing; 1929
  2. Misc. Clippings and published portraits of other scientists (esp. David Starr Jordan); n.d., 1909, 1926, 1929, 1931-1932, 1937, 1941
  3. Photographs - "Operation Salton Sea: San Felipe Trip, March 1951" - 63 b/w prints - Ichthyologists catching fish, local scenery, etc. - Most identified
  4. Misc. Photographs:
    Embryology Class, Hopkins Marine Station, August 1929 [Stanford University] - 1 b/w print - Identified as: Lewis Adams, Fred Bianchi, Morden Brown, Dick Cutter, William Dill, Ed Healy, Dr. Harold Heath, Ken Hobbs, Milt Lindner, Frank Reynolds, Joe Wales, Bob Watkins, Juanita White, Stan Williams, Carl Wolf
    Embryology Class, Hopkins Marine Station, Summer 1930 [Stanford University] - 1 b/w print - Identified as: J.C. Bareted (?), Marcella Brown, Herman R. Buchser, Fred H. Dale, Harold Heath, Harlan Hess, H. McCully, Henry Moser, W.W. Newby, Robert C. Ritter, Leo Shapovalov, Dariel Shively, Antoinette Schulte, C.J. Stinz, Grace Tompkins, Vickers, L.D. Wooster, J. Paul Young
    Group Photo - Zoologists at Stanford? - 1930 or 1931 - 1 b/w print - Identified as: Edward Ball, Tom Barnaby, Joe Craig, Dalhgren, Anita Daugherty, Frank Gerbode, Kenneth Hobbs, Harlan B. Holmes, George Kelez, Marston (?),Lois Martin, Henry Moser, George Sprague Myers, John B. Price, Dr. Willis Rich, Dr. George Rounsefell, Hugo Rustad, Antoinette Schulte, Leo Shapovalov, Dariel Shively, Prof. J.O. Snyder, Katherine Sobey, Lucina Stanford, Mrs. Chloe Starks, Prof. Edwin Chapin Starks, Francis Sumner, Allan Taft, Seton Thomson, Shirley Witt, Ted Zschokke
    Zoology Tea - Spring 1931 - Stanford University - 1 b/w print - Identified as: Tom Barnaby, "Rod" Beard, Marcella Brown, Dr. Albert Herre, Kenneth Hobbs, Lois Martin, H.C. McMillin, Henry Moser, John Price, Dr. Willis H. Rich, George Rousefell, Antoinette Schulte, "Jerry" Shively, Cedric Snyder, Evelyn Snyder, Prof. Snyder, Prof. E.C. Starks, Mrs. E.C. Starks, Seton H. Thompson, "Nat" West, Mrs. F.W. Weymouth
    Stanford Scientist Portraits - 1931-1932 - 8 b/w prints - Identified as: Leroy Abrams, Pablo Bravo, Gordon F. Ferris, Roxana Ferris, Albert W.C.T. Herre, Kenneth L. Hobbs, George Sprague Myers, Edwin Chapin Starks
    American Association for the Advancement of Science Meeting - Pasadena, CA - June 1931 - 1 b/w print - Identified as: Dr. Babcock, S.S. Berry, K. Esau, Leo Shapovalov, Michael Shapovalov
    Group photo - Stanford University, 1932 - 1 b/w print - Identified as: S. Stillman Berry, Kenneth L. Hobbs, George S. Myers, Leo Shapovalov, Joseph H. Wales
    Sierra Stream Survey Party, Dr. Paul Needham, on old "One-eye" - Trout investigations, at Duck Pass, Mono County, California - Aug. 1934 (U.S.B.F. photo #30)
    "The Combined Personnel of the Sierra and Mono-Inyo National Forests Stream Survey Parties of the U.S.B.F., with their chief Dr. Paul Needham, at Summer Headquarters, North Fork, CA (U.S.B.F. photo #7 - Plate I, Fig. 2 of Sierra Party)" - June 1934 - 1 b/w print - Identified as: Allan DeLacy, Dr. Waldo Furgason, Harry Hansen, Emmet Hooper, Hugh Israel, Dr. Paul R. Needham, Dr. Osgood Smith, Francis Sumner, Art Wellander
    Stanford University Zoology Club - 1930? - 1 b/w print - Identified as: J.T. Barnaby, Anita Daugherty, William A. Dill, Wilbur Henry, Dr. Albert W. Herre, Kenneth L. Hobbe, Donald MacKaye, Lois Martin, Henry Moser, George S. Myers, John B. Price, Antoinette Schulte, Leo Shapovalov, Cedric Snyder, Francis Sumner, Richard Van Cleve, Ted Zschokke
    Stanford Zoology Club, c. 1930 - 15 b/w photos - Identified as: Ray Bolin, Rolf Bolin, Marcella Brown, Joe Craig, Dick Cutler, Anita Daugherty, William Dill, Wayne Galliher, [Albert W.] Herre, Ken Hohhs, Bob Kleinpell, Lois T. Martin, Henry Moser, George Myers, Ruth Myers, John Price, George Rounsfell, Tony Schulte, Dariel "Jerry" Shively, Cedric Snyder, Evelyn Snyder, J.O. Snyder, E.C. Starks, Mrs. Starks, Dena Taft, Seton Thompson, Grace Tompkins, Joe Wales, Ted Zschokke
    Group photos [Stanford University Zoology Club?] - Feb. 19, 1931 - 2 b/w prints - Identified as: Tom Barnaby, Rodney Beard, Marcella Brown, Donald Carter, Frank Gerbode, Dr. Albert W. Herre, Kenneth Hobbs, Lois Martin, Harvey Clay McMillin, George Sprague Myers, Henry Moser, John Price, Dr. Willis H. Rich, George A. Rounsfell, Antoinette Schulte, Dariel "Jerry" Shively, Cedric O. Snyder, Evelyn H. Snyder, Prof. J.O. Snyder, Mrs. Chloe Lesley Starks, Prof. Edwin Chapin Starks, Seton H. Thompson, Nathaniel West, Mrs. Frank Weymouth
    From envelope labeled "Ichthyologists at Stanford University, July 22, 1938" - 9 b/w prints - Identified as: Richard Croker, Brian Curtis, Herbert C. Davis, William A. Dill, George Myers, Leo Shapovalov, J.O. Snyder, Alan C. Taft, Elden H. Vestal, Joseph H. Wales, Lionel Walford
    "South Lake, Fresno Co., California on Aug. 25, 1939" - 1 b/w print - Identified as: William Dill, Sidney Shute, Scott Soule
    "J.O. Snyder, Chief, Bureau of Fish Culture, California Division of Fish & Game - Yosemite Nat. Park - April 1933" - 2 b/w prints
    Magazine Clipping/Photo - Belle Benchley; n.d.
    "Klamath Stream Survey, 1934" - 7 b/w prints - Identified as: Pacific Coast Terrapin (Clemmys marmorata), Kelshaw Bonham, Al Crebbin, Peter Doudoroff, Mitchell Hanavan, George Scriven, Leo Shapovalov, Cedric Snyder, Alan C. Taft, Jack Trainor, John Williams
    Group of attendees at the California Fish and Game Biologists Association Meeting held Jan. 29-31, 1947 - 1 b/w print - All 44 people are identified on attached list
    Group of Pacific Fisheries Biologists at Lake Quinault Lodge; 3/26/48 - 1 b/w print - All 108 people are identified on attached list
    1 b/w print - n.d. - Carl C. Tegen, Ira J. Taylor, Robert Frask, Leo Shapovalov
    Hot Creek Rearing Ponds, Mono County, California - Summer of 1932 - 3 b/w prints - "Leo Shapovalov painting first cabin at Hot Creek Rearing Ponds", "Leo Shapovalov feeding marmot at Hot Creek Rearing Ponds", "Hot Creek Rearing Ponds"
    "Joseph H. Wales, William A. Dill, and Leo Shapovalov at Stanford Golf Course - 1930?" - 1 b/w print
    Pacific Fishery Biologists 1947 Meeting - April 1947 - 2 b/w prints - "Harry C. Godsil, Phil M. Roedel, Leo Shapovalov, and William A. Dill, en route to annual meeting of Pacific Fishery Biologists at Harrison Hot Springs, B.C. April 8, 1947. Crossing the Siskiyous" and "Richard S. Croker, Leo Shapovalov, Harry C. Godsil, Phil M. Roedel, and William A. Dill (California delegation) at Harrison Hot Springs, B.C. . April 10, 1947. Harrison Lake in background"
    Group photo - Summer of 1934 - Labeled in Russian on the back (cover letter says they are Russian scientists, including Dr. Lindberg and Dr. Zernov)
    "Indians fishing for salmon at Ishapishi Falls, Klamath R., Calif. - Autumn 1936" - 1 b/w print
    "Dr. S.S. Berry with the Soviet Russian Polar Flight Plane, Riverside Co., Calif. - June 1937" - 1 b/w print
    "Calif. Division of Fish and Game, Bureau of Fish Conservation Biological Staff, Stanford University, circa 1947" - 2 b/w prints - Identified as: Brian Curtis, William A. Dill, Jarvis, Leo Shapovalov, Scott Soule, J.H. Wales, Chester Woodhull
    Group photo - Oregon City, Willamette River, Apr. 14, 1947 - 1 b/w print - Identified as: Croker, Dill, Godsil, Roedel, Shapovalov
    Group photo - "Bureau of Fish Conservation Biological Staff - Asilomar Meeting - March 14, 1951" - 1 b/w print - Includes Jack Fraser, Bruce Kimsey, Leo Shapovalov
    Pacific Fisheries Biologists - Group Photo at Lake Wilderness, 1953
    American Society of Ichthyologists and Herpetologists - Group Photo at California Academy of Sciences, 1955 - Identified on back
    Pacific Fisheries Biologists - Group Photo, 1970 - People not identified