Folder List

  1. Obituary; July 1966
  2. "Meet the Staff" Article about Simpson; Feb. 1961
  3. Employment; 1944, 1961
  4. Letter to the San Francisco Aquarium Society Board of Directors; n.d.
  5. Photographs and Transparencies for Book (6 color transparencies, 10 b/w photos); n.d. [Subjects include Simpson and various fish]
  6. Miscellaneous; n.d., 1955

Articles by Donald Simpson

  1. Short Drum and Croaker Articles; 1958-1959
  2. "Aqua-Scaping Small Display Tanks in Public Aquaria"; n.d.
  3. "Bouillabaisse"; n.d.
  4. "Eugenie is a Lady"; n.d.
  5. "Fish Fry"; n.d.
  6. "How Long Do Fish Live?"; n.d. [Draft]
  7. "Living Fossils"; n.d.
  8. "My Blood-Curdling Battle with the Giant Devilfish"; n.d.
  9. "Never A Dull Moment"; n.d.
  10. "Progress-Phooie"; n.d.
  11. "Salt Water Goldfish"; n.d.
  12. "Sea Colts in Steinhart's Stable"; n.d.
  13. "Shed a Tear for Steinhart"; n.d.
  14. "Snozolla Comes to Steinhart"; n.d.
  15. "Soup's On at Steinhart"; n.d.
  16. "Steinhart's Sweat Box"; n.d.
  17. "Swim, Creep, or Crawl: Steinhart Gets 'Em"; n.d.
  18. "Bringing Them Back Alive Can Be Killing"; Nov./Dec. 1949
  19. "The Things That Happen. (When You Don't Keep Your Mouth Shut)"; Oct. 1954
  20. "Fish Out of Water"; July 1955
  21. "Turkeys in the Tank"; Sept. 1955
  22. "Poison on the Rocks.The Deadly Stonefish"; Oct. 1955
  23. "Devonian Heritage: The Lungfishes"; Mar. 1956
  24. "Notes on Raising Florida Seahorses at Steinhart Aquarium"; Sept. 1956
  25. "The Ugliest Fish in the Seas"; May 1957