Correspondence and Work Files; 1993-2001

    Finding aid prepared by Doris Ketcham, Archives volunteer, 03 July 2003

    The collection includes the correspondence and work files of Joseph Bruno Slowinski, Associate Curator, Department of Herpetology. Slowinski was first employed at the California Academy of Sciences in 1997. He died while conducting field work in Myanmar (Burma), 12 September 2001 (Myanmar date) from the bite of a dangerously venomous snake.

    The collection is divided into four series:
    Series 1: General Correspondence and Miscellaneous
    Series 2: Publications (manuscripts)
    Series 3: Contemporary Herpetology (Editor's papers)
    Series 4: Lecture notes

    Series 1: General Correspondence and Miscellaneous

    Box 1

    All Species Project
    American Naturalist (Journal)
    Am. Soc. Of Naturalists, Young Investigator Award
    A. M. P. S.
    Bayesian Phylogenetic Inference
    B B C Natural History Program in Burma
    B. D. Processes Applied to Phylogenies
    Bioforum for Teachers, Venoms and Toxins
    Biol. Sciences Dept., S E Louisiana Univ., '95 - '96
    Biol. Sciences Dept., S E Louisiana Univ., '96 - '97
    Bohemian Club Talk
    Branch Length Paper for Science
    Calliophis Talk
    C A S Interview
    Cedar Creek Development / Timber Rattlesnake
    Children's Book
    Collins, J. T., Nomination for Honorary Ph.D.
    Columbia Interview
    Continuous Parsimony

    Box 2

    Correspondence '93 - '94
    Correspondence '95 - '96
    Correspondence '97
    Correspondence '98
    Correspondence '99
    Correspondence 2000 - '01
    Counting Trees
    Cuatro Cienegas
    Determining Species
    Disciplinary Action Against Rabinowitz
    Diversification # 1
    Diversification # 2
    Diversification Post Doc, Univ. of Arizona
    Docents Talk, Venomous Reptiles
    Dong Lin's Proposal

    Box 3

    Evolutionary Arms Race in Snakes
    Evolution of Front - Fanged Systems
    Examiner Article
    F A U Interview
    Fossil Coral Snake
    Four - Taxon Topology Study
    Friends Dinner (C A S)
    Fry, Bryan G.
    Gamma Distribution in Phylogenetics
    Generalizing Markowan Equations
    Gene Tree Parsimony
    History of Slowinski, Knight, and Rooney
    Incomplete Phylogenies
    J G I - Evolutionary Genomics
    Job File Transcripts
    Joe Slowinski Game
    K H S Talk
    K.U. Efforts
    Lagoni: International Journeys
    Length Difference Test, Homogeneity Test
    Loan Invoices

    Box 4

    Louisiana Boating
    L.S.U. Interview
    L.S.U. Postdoc
    Magazine Articles
    Mallick, Pranab
    Maurer, B. A.
    Members' Lecture, Sept. 13, 2000
    Mimicry in Asian Snakes
    Misc. I
    Misc. II
    Misc. Computing
    M L E Models

    Box 5

    Molecular Clock, Talk at U. M.
    Molecular Phylogenetics Talk
    Morphology of Snake Vertebrae
    Myanmar Field Team Training Course
    Myanmar Project Talk
    Naja Phylogeny
    New E R M Equations
    Non P L A 2 Venom Proteins
    North Bay Herp. Soc. Talk
    Notes on the Molecular Biology of Venom Toxins
    N S F - B S I Workshop
    N S F - Sloan Proposal with Miyamoto
    N. Y. C. 1999 Trip
    O T S Extinction Talk
    O T S Noyes Grant
    Partition Homogeneity Test
    Partridge Films P. A. R. T. S.
    Pawar, Samraat

    Box 6

    Phylogenetic Programs
    P L A 2 Study
    Principle of Inclusion / Exclusion
    Prop B
    Random Speciation / Extinction Talk
    Research Log
    Research Professor at S. F. State Univ.
    Savage Symposium, La Paz 2000
    Science Fair Talk
    Science or Nature Note, Complexity of Models
    S D S U Interview
    Seattle, '99 Visit
    Sloan Postdoc Fellowship
    Smithsonian Postdoc Fellowship
    Snake Phylogeny : The Book
    Snake Symposium, Summer, '95

    Box 7

    Snake Venoms, Misc.
    Snake Venoms by William Light
    Snake Wranglers, N G T V Cable Channel
    Sonoma State Talk
    Sources of Systematic Error in Phylogenetics
    S S A R Proposals
    Talamancan Biosphere Expedition
    Termite Art Productions Discovery Channel
    Test Yourself Book

    Box 8

    Texas A & M Univ. Interview
    Tomwil Entertainment
    Toxins Exhibit I
    Toxins Exhibit II
    Tree Similarity
    Tropical Biology Fellowship Application 1986
    University of Miami Graduate Studies
    University of Miami Research, 1987 - 1990
    U N I X
    U T A Trip
    Venomous Snakes Course for the Jr. Academy
    Williamson, David
    Wonders of Science Lecture Series
    Y A P Television, Gilks, Rachel

    Series 2: Publications (manuscripts)

    Box 9

    Abuses of Parsimony
    Arbogast and Slowinski Science Paper
    Arbogast and Slowinski # 1
    Arbogast and Slowinski # 2
    B L Paper - the Revision
    "Calif. Wild" Article, Snake Venoms
    Counting Alignments

    Box 10
    Diamondbacks in Louisiana
    Finished Figures
    Gee Review
    M B E Revision
    Obsoleta Study Polarity / Outgroups 1992
    P T P Test Article
    Rate of Molecular Evolution
    Re-revised Elapid Toxins Paper, Nov. 29

    Box 11

    Revision of Calliophis
    Slowinski and Keogh
    Slowinski and Page

    Box 12

    Slowinski and Wuster Article
    Zero - Length Branches
    Zhang, Rooney, Slowinski, Lawson, and Nei
    Zink - Slowinski Paper

    Series 3: Contemporary Herpetology (Editor's papers)

    Box 13

    Altamirano, Marco
    Barnard & Durden
    Blouin-Demers, G. et al.
    Brazaitis, P. et al.
    Correspondence 1999
    Correspondence 2000 - 2001
    Crea, M. et al.; Translation
    Crother, B.
    Electronic Publishing
    Franklin, C. et al.
    Galindo, C.

    Box 14

    Hager, S.
    Hartdegen, R.
    Huang and Murphy
    Means and Krysko
    Misc., 1998 - 1999
    Nelson, S. et al.
    Parris, K.
    Perry, D.
    Rivas, J. et al.
    Smith and Ballinger
    Werman, S. et al.
    Wilkinson, J. and Drewes

    Series 4: Lecture notes

    Box 15

    Biology 103, Lectures
    Biology 112, Lectures
    Biology 1001, Part 1
    Biology 1001, Part 2
    Biology 1002, Part 1
    Biology 1002, Part 2
    Biology 1005
    Biology 1208, Part 1

    Box 16

    Biology 1208, Part 2
    G B 10 312
    Genetics 211
    Teaching Evaluations S L U
    Zoology 102