Folder List

  1. Curriculum Vitae; 1979?
  2. Christmas Card/Photograph titled "Renaissance" - two images of insect (dragonfly?) with wings expanding/drying; 1973?
  3. "Appendix: Publication Support for a Monograph of Insect and Arthropod Morphology" - Edward Laidlaw Smith, Author; William N. Eschmeyer, Project Director; n.d. (1970s?)
  4. "Atlas of Insect Anatomy: A Pictorial Manual and Basic Reference for Students, Teachers and Technicians" by Edward Laidlaw Smith - copy of typed manuscript; 1980

Publications by Edward Laidlaw Smith

  1. "Biosystematics and Morphology of Symphyta"; 1968, 1970, 1972
  2. "Evolutionary Morphology of External Insect Genitalia"; 1969-1970
  3. "Hymenoptera" - Chapter 23 in Taxonomist's Glossary of Genitalia in Insects; 1970
  4. "Biology and Structure of the Dobsonfly, Neohermes californicus (Walker)"; April 1970
  5. "Biology and Structure of Some California Bristletails and Silverfish"; July 1970
  6. "Key to the Willows of the Chico Area in Butte County, and to the Eagle Lake Basin in Lassen County (California)"; 1973
  7. "Insect Terminalia and Related Abdominal Structures: Comparative Anatomy, Evolution and Nomenclature"; 1977
  8. "An Atlas of Insect Morphology" (Book Review); July 1982
  9. "Early Land Animals in North America: Evidence from Devonian Age Arthropods from Gilboa, New York"; May 1984